Chipotle announces delivery, no more GMOs


photo by Sara Heimlich

Chipotle partnered with delivery service Postmates, but does not yet deliver to the Potomac area.

By Sara Heimlich, Public Relations and Social Media Manager

There’s only one thing better than Chipotle— GMO-free Chipotle at your doorstep.

On April 22, Chipotle announced its partnership with Postmates, a food delivery service that delivers food from a restaurant to your front door. So far, Postmates is delivering Chipotle in 67 areas, including D.C. Only Postmates can decide if they are coming to Potomac.

“When I found out [Chipotle delivered], I jumped up and down screaming,” freshman Ruthie Renberg said. “I love Chipotle, and now they will deliver, so I won’t have to leave my house to get it. I think they should offer delivery in the [Potomac] Village without a doubt because there are lots of kids in the area who can’t drive themselves when they want Chipotle, so if they deliver, there’s no issue.”

Postmates is available through the Postmates app and online at

“I would love to just be able to click a few buttons, and Chipotle’s in my mouth,” freshman Jimmy Kloke said.

According to the, there is a nine percent service fee along with delivery fees that start at $5 but vary depending on the distance of pickup from the restaurant to drop-off at your house.

On April 27, Chipotle announced it would be removing most ingredients made with GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) from its menus.

According to, corn and soy were the main genetically modified ingredients previously used in food. Both have since been replaced with unmodified versions.

It is harder to ensure that meat and dairy products will be GMO-free because most animals are fed GMO food.

“This change is sparking a lot of conversation and making people more curious about the food that they eat and how it is grown and prepared,” local Chipotle marketing strategist Jake Park said. “We think the more people know about important food issues like GMOs, the more likely they are to make informed choices about where and what they eat.”

According to the Chipotle website, most beverages it serves, and will continue to serve, are not GMO-free, as they contain corn syrup made from genetically modified corn.

Chipotle’s popularity has swept the nation with a cult-like following, especially among high school students.

According to junior Chris Higgins, Chipotle has a positive reputation because it “is cheap, has a wide variety of options, and has large portions.”

While some are looking forward to healthier ingredients, others don’t mind the classic taste of Chipotle.

“Who cares whether its genetically modified or not,” Kloke said. “As long as it’s still that rich, authentic Chipotle taste, I’m happy.”