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Pet Sematary rises from the dead

Pet Sematary’s new remake brings a few new twists while being just as thrilling as the original.

By Mary Hinton, Staff Writer

May 14, 2019

The 2019 version of “Pet Sematary” may be a remake, but it still manages to be fresh and original in its premise to draw in new viewers, as well as the old. “Pet Sematary,” originally a Stephen King novel published in 1983, was made into a film in 1989. Although the film never quite reac...

Fans marvel at the sublime Avengers Endgame


By Janneke Kovoor, Staff Writer

May 10, 2019

At 4 p.m. on Friday, April 26, in an Arclight Cinemas theater, an audience of mostly 13 and 14-year-old boys waited in anticipation to watch what would become the biggest movie of the year. From across the theater, a true fan exclaimed, “Yo, I can’t wait to see Batman die.” An Arclight staff me...

Bao film impresses WCHS students

 the Oscar award winning short film, Bao, is depicted of a the mother with her baby dumpling.

By Miranda Chung, Assistant Opinions Editor

April 3, 2019

Pixar has recently become an avid supporter of cultural inclusion through its films like “Sanjay’s Super Team” portraying Indian culture, and “Coco” portraying Latino culture. To add another one to the list, “Bao” is an eight minute short film taking a bite into Chinese culture in a way t...

Captain Marvel impresses

Captain Marvel impresses

By Brandon Li, Copy Editor

April 3, 2019

A comic book hero turned into film? Check. Shooting laser beams from her wrists? Check. Nice battle scenes and great chemistry? Check. And Marvel’s first female-led superhero film? Check. The story of a fighter pilot turned superhero hit theaters March 8. Co-directed by Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck,...

Jordan Peele’s “Us” uses horror to critique American life

Director Jordan Peele has created yet another successful, gripping movie.

By Dani Miller, Production Designer

April 3, 2019

Rabbits, Sewers and Scissors, oh my! On the heels of his widely successful (and brilliant) 2017 directorial debut, Get Out, director Jordan Peele’s sophomore project, Us, tells the story of a modern day family placed in thrilling circumstances when confronted and attacked by their bitter clones....

Brooklyn Nine-Nine impresses WCHS students

Brooklyn Nine-Nine” started airing in 2013 but it is still a very successful show. The comedy was picked up by NBC which renewed them for a sixth season that will be extended for a total of eighteen episodes.

By Olivia Yasharoff, Staff Writer

March 14, 2019

“Noice.” “Smort.” “Cool, cool, cool.” These phrases can all be used to describe NBC’s hit comedy “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” in addition to being the lingo that the characters on the show (and its fans) love to use. Starring comedian Andy Samberg, actor Andre Braugher and actress Melissa Fumero...

Isn’t It Romantic inspires viewers

Rebel Wilson is the main character in the new movie, “Isn’t It Romantic” which came out on February 13.

By Ela Jalil, Staff Writer

March 14, 2019

A stereotypical gay best friend, a clumsy but charming main character and a belief that all things will be solved by love all sound like parts of your classic romantic comedy. Nowadays, most people roll their eyes at these type of movies and the types of lessons they teach young girls and boys. Fortunate...

Top Grammy performances of 2019

Camila Cabello opening  the 2019 Grammy Awards ceremony with a performance of her song “Havana.”

By Cherri Tung, Photo Editor

March 11, 2019

From Camila Cabello and Ricky Martin scaling the replicated streets of Havana, to Lady Gaga and Dolly Parton’s soaring pipes and vocal highways, the performers at the 61st Grammy Awards blew the roof off of Los Angeles’ Staples Center on Feb.10. But the question is, which one was the best of the e...

Marie Kondo innovates cleaning techniques

Marie Kondo’s popularity has been rapidly increasing because of her useful organizational tips, and more and more people have been watching her videos of tips to declutter your home.

By Kathy Hu, Advertising/Subscriptions Manager

March 11, 2019

Marie Kondo is seen by many as the ‘Queen of Organization,’ after the popularity of her book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” blew up and she was awarded her own Netflix series “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo.” The series shows how she declutters and organizes peoples’ homes. She ha...

Hostless Oscars create memorable night

The Oscar is one of the most prestigious awards a movie or actor/actress can win.

By Jordyn Green, Assistant Online Editor-in-Chief

March 8, 2019

The Oscars was a night filled with talented musical performances, comical ad-libs and a lack of a host. The flow of this show, however, was what made it so exceptional: the ceremony felt special and smooth, and was very personable. The Oscars was held on Feb. 24th, with, according to Time Magazi...

Netflix show hooks WCHS students with comedy

Netflix continues to come out with equally creative and addicting shows for users to watch. “Sex Education”, released Jan. 11, has already been renewed for a second season.

By Allison Jacobs, Assistant News Editor

March 7, 2019

Netflix released the show “Sex Education”, a quirky yet hilarious show that seems to be meant for teens, Jan. 11. In each of the eight episodes, a new sexual or teen issue presents itself between one or two characters in the show and the rest of the episode is left to the resolution of said issue,...

WCHS celebrates 30 years of student tradition

(Left to right) Juniors Marshall Harner and Merrick Willeford and senior Vinny Douglass perform “I’m A Believer” during last year’s Blast production.

By Laura Sneller, Arts Editor

March 6, 2019

Every year, the WCHS community comes together to experience a voyage through time through song. Blast has been a WCHS tradition that consists of a series of popular musical numbers from throughout time corresponding to a theme that changes every year. This year the theme is Blast From the Past in honor...

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