Upcoming movies to check out during the summer of 2023


Photo collage by Isabella Ngwana

“Barbie,” and a few other movies that WCHS students will be able to see in theater upon their arrival during the Summer of 2023.

By Isabella Ngwana, Assistant Online Editor

The summer is a great time to get together with friends. Enjoy the summer breeze and the carefreeness without the pressures of school. It is also a great time to sleep all day and wake up in the afternoon. Even though that can be fun for a while, it becomes repetitive quickly. With the many films coming out, WCHS students can run to the movie theaters and watch a new film during the Summer of 2023.

Asteroid City (June 16)
Acclaimed director, Wes Anderson returns with another star-studded film filled with another pastel-colored theme with a sci-fi twist. Asteroid City tells the story of a group of students and parents exploring a stargazing convention in a small deserted town. What starts off as an extraordinary event leads to disease and quarantine that brings reflection and potential romance. Anderson’s new film stars the famous names of Scarlett Johansson, Maya Hawke and Steve Carell.

Elemental (June 16)
Pixar returns with another classic movie for WCHS students to enjoy with their families. Residents of Elemental City are made of fire, water, air and earth. One rule that the elementals live by is that they are not allowed to mix. Even though this rule has been strictly enforced, fiery Ember and watery Wayne seem to cross paths. This connection between the two opposing elements shows what happens when one goes through fire and water.

No Hard Feelings (June 23rd)
If someone was broke and they were desperate for money, , would they do anything possible to get some? Jennifer Lawrence stars as broke Uber driver Maddie whose financial situation is quite upsetting. Luck stumbles onto Maddie when she finds an opportunity on Craigslist to date a rich couple’s son in exchange for a Buick Regal. As she teaches her “boyfriend” how to have fun, she slowly develops a new sting of responsibility.

Biosphere (July 7th)
The end of the world has finally arrived. In Mel Eslyn’s directorial debut, two men must accept their fat as the remaining ones on earth. As they train and evolve to lead a generation, the two are pushed to levels of insanity and curiosity about the world above. “This is Us” alum Sterling K. Brown pairs up with filmmaker Mark Duplass to paint a story of self-destruction.

Barbie (July 21st)
No matter how old someone is, they have fond views about Barbie. Barbie grew from being a Malibu Barbie doll to being a career woman. “Lady Bird” director Greta Gerwig takes a spin on the iconic figure’s persona and life. Margot Robbie stars as Barbie, the signature character that leads a perfect life. Barbie slowly seems to notice the little mishaps in her everyday life. As Barbie decides to spread into the “real world” she discovers that her reality is not really what it seems.

Birth/Rebirth (August 18th)
The “Smile” star Judy Reyes and “The Dark and Wicked” star Marin Ireland join forces to care for a “Frankenstein” baby. As the pair attempts to keep the resurrected child alive, challenges build with gathering the materials to do so. The gruesome and gory nature of the film allows for a potential twist on a classic film. Laura Moss takes inspiration from “Frankenstein” to make the horror film of the summer.

Bottoms (August 25th)
Two unknown queer best friends, Josie (Ayo Edebiri) and PJ (Rachel Sennott) feel quite lonely during their senior year. The duo has been quite unsuccessful when it comes to getting the attention of their cheerleader crushes. As a way to encourage female empowerment, the two start a fight club to divide and conquer their romantic interests. Director Emma Seligman slashes together “Superbad” and “Mean Girls” to create something memorable for the year.

Comfort is something that movies can provide WCHS students throughout the summer. With the options provided, WCHS students should be able to easily navigate their boredom. This free time available is great to explore what genres one is interested in.