Doughnut shops offer fun pastry alternative

By Jane Zankman, Production Editor

We thought we had seen it all, from crazy cupcakes to delicious pies to cute cake pops, but a new D.C. shop has decided to come back to the classic doughnut, with a few twists.

Zeke’s DC Donutz, which opened Feb. 21, is not your average doughnut shop. Its hip and eclectic graffiti art covering the walls signals that the doughnuts offered are anything but ordinary, ranging from a crunchy and creamy crème brulee to a crispy peanut butter and bacon doughnut. Zeke’s has it all.

Zeke’s does not stop with doughnuts—they let you finish off these one-of-a-kind creations with their “cereal milk,” milk infused with cereal flavor. Those offerings range from chocolaty cocoa puffs to fruity fruit loops.

This fun ‘80s-‘90s style doughnut haven is gaining popularity as people want to try something other than a simple glazed doughnut on the way to work.

It’s not just Zeke’s that is taking this fried phenomenon to the next level. More and more gourmet doughnut shops are popping up, from Astros Doughnuts and Fried Chicken, which serves a set menu as well as a daily menu of varying treats, to GBD, short for Golden, Brown, and Delicious, as every doughnut should be, which will be on Connecticut Avenue. Both of these shops will be opening by the end of March.

All of these delicious treats warranted DC’s first annual Donut Fest, March 2 at Penn Social. The event included music, dancing, free samples, a doughnut-eating contest and competition for the best tasting doughnuts.

Even Washingtonian Magazine is getting in on the craze. The magazine has started The Great Doughnut Derby, pitting these unique shops against big names like Krispy Kreme and Dunkin’ Donuts in a March Madness-like bracket.

With all of the progress on these sweet treats, let’s hope it’s not just a passing phase. We certainly do not want these unique and new doughnuts to go.