What’s trending this month

By Ross Tannenbaum, Staff Writer

The Observer sifts through the hype and the hip to bring you topics worth Tweeting, talking and texting about.

“Yolo” by the Lonely Island

The Lonely Island is a popular comedy group that sings original songs on NBC’s Saturday Night Live. Their latest single, “Yolo,” makes fun of the popular phrase “You only live once.” The song has had over 24 million views on YouTube, and it peaked at number seven on iTunes for top-selling songs.

Washington Capitals

Since the beginning of the 2013 NHL hockey season, the Washington Capitals have had a slow start with a 6-10-1 record. The Capitals are still adjusting to new coach Adam Oates’s system, while star captain Alex Ovechkin looks to maintain his role as one of the Caps leading scorer.


Accepted2017.com is a website that posts the ridiculous comments students make in online college groups. People can follow their favorite colleges and submit funny posts of their own.

The Harlem Shake

The Harlem Shake is a new dance that has gone viral on the Internet. People make videos of themselves acting normal, but when the beat drops, participants begin to do random dance moves. Many different versions of this dance have been posted to YouTube, including Jimmy Fallon’s own version of the dance.

Temple Run 2

Temple Run 2 is the sequel to Temple Run and includes improved graphics, a zip line, curving paths and a mine cart. Temple Run 2 is currently the number one selling free app and is the fastest game ever to hit 50 million downloads.