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Eager fans await third season of ‘House of Cards’

'House of Cards' returns to Netflix Feb. 27 for its third season.
February 24, 2015

Politics and corruption are just two of the words that describe the events that unfold in the show House of Cards. The third season of the Netflix exclusive show, House of Cards, premieres Feb. 27....

‘Walking Dead’ returns for fifth season on AMC

'Walking Dead' returns for fifth season on AMC
October 16, 2014

After a shocking season finale that left viewers hungry for more, the Walking Dead has returned for a fifth season on AMC. With the fourth season only becoming available recently on Netflix, many fans...

Upcoming movies project action-packed summer

May 29, 2014

Summer time is the time of year when some of the most anticipated movies are released. These movies tend to be the highest-grossing movies, as a lot of them are sequels, reboots or movies based off books. With...

Slow down Speed Racer; New cameras added in D.C. area

Slow down Speed Racer; New cameras added in D.C. area
May 29, 2014

New drivers will now have to be a lot more careful when driving in the D.C. area as 15 new cameras will be added to the streets. The D.C area is a very hectic city when it comes to drivers. With many...

What’s Trending This Month

May 28, 2014

Happy Pharell Williams’ hit new song, Happy, which is currently the number one single on iTunes, has been taking over the airwaves. Besides constantly being played on the radio, it was also nominated...

What’s trending this month

March 1, 2013

The Observer sifts through the hype and the hip to bring you topics worth Tweeting, talking and texting about. "Yolo" by the Lonely Island The Lonely Island is a popular comedy group that sings original...

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