Potomac residents warm up to China Jade Bistro


China Jade Bistro replaced Jade Billows at Cabin John this fall. While it may not live up to the latter’s name, it has potential.

By Julia Greenzaid, Online Breaking News Editor

Unfortunately, nature dictates that human beings are uncomfortable with change. It seems that after the closing of Jade Billows in Cabin John Shopping Center, CHS students are reluctant to welcome China Jade Bistro in its location. However, one must embrace this Chinese and Thai restaurant’s new beginning as it holds plenty of promise with its relaxing atmosphere and quality ingredients.

China Jade Bistro is a new independent business that opened October 2012. This restaurant has high expectations to fill after moving into the previous location of Jade Billows—a Chinese restaurant with a fairly large crop of loyal customers.

Upon entering the restaurant, it is clear that China Jade Bistro does not just serve the traditional Chinese restaurant staples. China Jade Bistro offers the perfect balance of commonplace and exotic meals with its contemporary vibe, square plates and team of experienced chefs.

Priding itself on its modern dining environment and savory Chinese cuisine, China Jade is an ideal location to satisfy Chinese food cravings with its delicious traditional crispy beef, sesame chicken and Thai-style noodles.

While China Jade succeeds in offering a variety of dishes, its crispy fried shrimp, chicken dumplings and General Tso’s Chicken could use an improvement with their seasoning and sauces.

What China Jade lacks in taste and flavor, it makes up in service and convenience.

The moment customers step into the restaurant, they are instantly greeted and feel the friendly, welcoming ambiance.

Open until 10 p.m. or later, China Jade Bistro can be ordered online via chinajadebistro.menuninja.com and ready to pick up in 15 minutes.

While change is not easy to accept, students should embrace the new atmosphere of this Chinese restaurant with optimism toward the potential of its menu.