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High school students kill time with summer jobs

Cabin John Mall is among the many places where students at WCHS look for jobs. One of the places that has been popular recently is Playa Bowls which employs mostly highschool students.

By Austin Vinner, Photo Editor

March 7, 2020

High school can be a time to explore and learn new things, where teens are granted the freedom to decide what interests them. That is why so many high schoolers look to get jobs either during the school year or over the summer. Mason Goldstein, a sophomore at WCHS, is among these students who get jobs d...

MCPS continues to fight to keep summer short and sweet

WCHS students spend their extend vacation at the beach in late August. Under Gov. Larry Hogan's ruling, all Maryland schools will start after Labor Day, giving students a longer summer break.

By Charley Hutton, Advertising and Subscriptions Manager

March 3, 2020

In Aug. of 2016, Gov. Larry Hogan issued a mandate requiring school to start after Labor Day, denying the Montgomery County Board of Education the power to give each county the freedom to make their own decision in regards to school start dates.  In early 2019, the Maryland State Senate Committee voted on a bi...

SciTech Technion international program fosters new experiences

Dressed up in his white lab coat and blue gloves, Nathan Slotnik makes the most of his SciTech Scholarship as he holds a micropipette in the laboratory, ready to contribute to finding a cure for Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

By Hannah Zozobrado, Arts Editor

November 28, 2019

William Shakespeare had once said “the world is your oyster,” but in a world of billions of people, it may be hard to stand out against the abundance of competition. However, for some people, standing out may come naturally; after undergoing the application process, WCHS senior Nathan Slotnik had ...

Summer health program clears up space in schedules

Freshman Aliki Dimitoglou works on the chromebook. Taking Health online is one of the three choices that tenth graders have to complete their mandatory credit.

By Ela Jalil, Assistant News Editor

June 10, 2019

Most WCHS students spend their summer vacationing, hanging out at the pool or going to camp. Going to three weeks of classes during the summer is not an ideal activity, but many rising 10th graders have to make the difficult decision between taking the required course Health over the summer or durin...

WCHS student athletes train over the summer

WCHS student athletes train over the summer

By Kathy Hu, Advertising/Subscriptions Manager

June 8, 2018

Participating in school sports, although sometimes just an extracurricular, is a huge commitment, and one that can even begin over the summer. At CHS,  a total of 10 out of the 23 sports are fall sports. Almost all of the fall sports always begin their season in the summer with team training and ...

Summer concerts bring heat to D.C. area

This May and June, the Mid-Atlantic Region will be home to a host of concerts and festivals, including shows with SZA and Khalid and the Firefly Music Festival.

By Drew Ingall, Senior Writer

May 9, 2018

It’s that time of year. The weather is getting warmer, outdoor concert venues are opening and big music artists are coming to town. That’s right, it’s concert season. The stretch from early May until the middle of June is jam-packed with visits from big music artists from all over; in the DMV,...

Hate summer reading? Not with these books

Hate summer reading? Not with these books

By Danielle Kiefer, Features Editor

May 30, 2014

Nothing can ruin a summer faster than required summer reading assignments. However, reading during the summer doesn't have to be accompanied by a groan and a sense of dread. The Observer brings you a list of must-read books for this summer—essays optional. An Abundance of Katherines by John Green Jo...

Upcoming movies project action-packed summer

By Ross Tanenbaum, Production Editor

May 29, 2014

Summer time is the time of year when some of the most anticipated movies are released. These movies tend to be the highest-grossing movies, as a lot of them are sequels, reboots or movies based off books. With summer being the best time to catch new movies on the big screen, the Observer is here w...

CHS graduate participates in Maccabiah

CHS graduate participates in Maccabiah

By Julia McDermott, Sports Editor

August 20, 2013

CHS ’13 graduate and former varsity soccer captain Zoe Forster and the U.S. Women’s soccer team brought home a win at the 19th world Maccabiah Games in Israel this summer. Forster and teammate BCC senior Morgan Lynn helped the team to an undefeated streak leading to gold medals in the final match...

Kyle in Context

By Kyle Edwards, Online Humor Columnist

September 27, 2011

Pools are closing, schools are starting up again, and the new football season has just begun. Summer is over, but planning for next summer's blockbuster season is just beginning. Capitalism is equal to successful manipulation, and blockbuster season screams capitalism—just like the sharing principles...

The summer intern’s handbook: 7 steps to success

By Yasmin Akbari Observations Editor

May 20, 2011

As the school year winds down, many students will be looking forward to late summer nights and days spent sleeping and relaxing. Others, however, will begin the challenging adjustment from a school-based routine to a routine characterized by performance reports and picky bosses. My first internship...

CHS offers Summer Symposium classes

By Dana Youngentob Online News Editor

April 13, 2011

CHS is again offering its annual Summer Symposium, a series of preparation classes to help students practice their skills for the year ahead. According to the mathematics resource teacher and Summer Symposium coordinator Janice Williams, the symposium is designed to offer classes that support the...

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