Unlock your summer potential with exciting SSL hour opportunities!


Photo by Nataly Behnia

Potomac Elementary School located in MCPS allows high school students to volunteer to help organize classrooms and watch students at recess. This is a great opportunity to gain SSL hours.

By Nataly Behnia, Social Media Manager

Many students still need their required 75 student service learning hours (SSL) and summer break is a great time for students to complete them. Service learning is an excellent way for students to fulfill their academic requirements while also contributing to their communities, and there is no better time to participate than the summer. There are countless opportunities for students to complete their SSL hours over the next few months, but here are a few highlights.

Volunteer at a local animal shelter:
Many animal shelters in Montgomery County are in need of volunteers to help care for animals during the summer months. Students can help with tasks such as cleaning cages, walking dogs and playing with cats. This experience can teach students responsibility and compassion for animals.

Assist with food distribution:
Summer is a busy time for food banks and other organizations that provide food assistance to those in need. Students can help sort and pack food or assist with distribution to families. This experience can help students learn about food insecurity and the importance of giving back to the community.

Help maintain community gardens:
Many neighborhoods in Montgomery County have community gardens that require maintenance during the warm season. The service would include helping with tasks such as weeding, watering and harvesting produce. Students can learn about sustainable agriculture and the benefits of eating fresh, locally-grown food.

Participate in a park cleanup:
Montgomery County has many parks and natural areas that require ongoing maintenance. Picking up trash, removing invasive plants and maintaining trails are experiences that can teach students about environmental stewardship and the importance of preserving natural habitats.

Assist with a summer camp program:
Many organizations in Montgomery County offer summer day camps for children. Students can find volunteer opportunities as camp counselors or counselors in training. These jobs can include helping with activities such as arts and crafts, sports and nature hikes. This experience can teach students leadership skills and the importance of providing positive experiences for younger children.

Overall, there are many opportunities for students to fulfill their SSL hours in Montgomery County during the summer of 2023. These activities can provide valuable experiences that teach responsibility, compassion and a sense of community involvement.