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The School Newspaper of Winston Churchill High School.

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The School Newspaper of Winston Churchill High School.

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Confetti falling from the sky, LeBron James and Rajon Rondo are pictured hugging eachother and exchanging emotional words. Rondo and James won their first championship together as teammates on the Los Angeles Lakers.

Los Angeles Lakers beat Miami Heat in NBA finals

By Justin Greenzaid, Assistant Sports Editor November 11, 2020

Though conditions were unlike any other National Basketball Association championship ever, the 2020 NBA Finals did not disappoint. The fifth-seeded Miami Heat from the NBA’s Eastern Conference were set...

Los Angeles Lakers NBA finals MVP Lebron James stands next to reporter Rachel Nichols as the two hold his newly won NBA Finals Larry O’Brien Trophy. Nichols was the main sideline reporter covering the game in which Lebron won his fourth ever championship, and has built a strong relationship with players like Lebron over her many years reporting on the league.

WCHS alumna Rachel Nichols inspires student journalists

By Quinn Cook, News Editor November 11, 2020

As millions watched Lebron’s post-game interview after capturing his fourth NBA Championship, fans were also looking at a WCHS graduate. Interviewing one of the sports world’s most dominating figures...

Age limit increase better prepares NBA athletes

Age limit increase better prepares NBA athletes

By Jake Certner and Christian Edwards June 2, 2014

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver recently said his top priority is to change the minimum age of players in the NBA from 19 to 20 in order to encourage college basketball players to stay in school longer and...

Fans crave more intensity in the NBA

Fans crave more intensity in the NBA

By Michael Fox, Sports Editor May 16, 2014

Michael Jordan dribbles down the court, crosses over left, steps back, fires, swish. MJ does it again. Jordan has yet again led the Chicago Bulls to another NBA title. It’s interesting to see how...

The new Era of the NBA

The new Era of the NBA

By Ben Fox, Staff Writer April 2, 2014

If a diehard NBA fanatic traveled from the year 2010 to the present day and looked at the current standings, though his or her initial thoughts would likely be “Who the heck are the New Orleans Pelicans?”...

The Observer Previews the Upcoming NBA Season

The Observer Previews the Upcoming NBA Season

By Noah Salzberg, Public Relations and Social Media Editor October 29, 2013

The NBA 2013-2014 season begins tonight, Oct. 29, as the Miami Heat, the 2012-2013 reigning champions take on the Chicago Bulls. There are many headlines this season, including Derrick Rose’s return...

What’s Trending This Month

By Madison Hurr, Production Editor October 28, 2013

NBA 2K14 The newest version of Visual Concepts’ basketball video game was released Oct. 1. The game, which is based off of the National Basketball Association (NBA), is currently available for Microsoft...

‘Observer’ bros make 2012-13 NBA picks

By Ben Fox, Guransh Singh, Ben Schick, and Spenser Easterbrook December 3, 2012

NBA basketball has returned a little more than a year after the highly publicized lockout that shortened the 2011-2012 season, and fans are getting ready for a full year of professional hoops. The Observer...

NBA lockout draws little attention, depresses fans

By By Ben Hollander, Staff Writer November 21, 2011

  Here I am writing, curled up in my room with nothing but my laptop and my bitterness on a night that was supposed to be oh so very special.   In an ideal world, Kobe, KD, D-Rose and the...

League competition ruined by selfish players

By Thomas Geenen, Staff writer March 22, 2011

In the past month, two of the NBA’s top ten players have packed their bags and moved to the bright lights on the East Coast, leaving the Rocky Mountains behind. Little do these players realize the destructive...

NBA players are smart to move to larger markets

By Joe Haynes, Sports Editor March 22, 2011

Eight months ago, LeBron James left lowly Cleveland for Miami. Four weeks ago, Carmelo Anthony was traded from Denver to New York, which prompted Deron Williams to be traded from Utah to New Jersey the...

Faceoff- pros are superior athletes

By By Joel Denicoff- staff writer March 2, 2010

When you hear of players like Tyler Hansbrough, Adam Morrison, J.J. Redick and Christian Laettner you think of college superstars, but when these players jump to the NBA, you think of bench warmers. These...

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