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‘Observer’ bros make 2012-13 NBA picks

NBA basketball has returned a little more than a year after the highly publicized lockout that shortened the 2011-2012 season, and fans are getting ready for a full year of professional hoops. The Observer experts share their picks for some of NBA’s most coveted awards and titles.

Most Valuable Player (MVP)

Ben “Foxy Mama” Fox- Kevin Durant (Oklahoma City)

After a tough Finals loss last season, Durantula is coming into this season with a vendetta, much like Lebron James did two years ago. Durant has already risen as a star in the NBA, and this is the year that he will be recognized for it.

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Guransh “The Turbanator” Singh- Chris Paul (Los Angeles Clippers)

CP3 is making the Clippers successful even with the worst head coach in the NBA, Vinny Del Negro. He carries the team in the clutch and makes an offensively incompetent player, DeAndre Jordan, look decent.

Ben “Quatro” Schick-Kevin Durant (Oklahoma City)

He puts the team on his back. When the Thunder are in dire need of points, they go to KD. At 6 feet 10 inches, with a shooting range from half court and a stronger frame than last season, KD will be MVP.

Spenser “The Chief” Easterbrook- Kevin Durant (Oklahoma City)

I’m a Lebron-hater and not afraid to admit it.

Rookie of the Year (ROY)

Ben “Foxy Mama” Fox- Anthony Davis (New Orleans)

Despite a strong rookie class, Anthony Davis is a player who stands alone. He has come into a starring role on a young
Hornets team. There is simply no
comparable rookie to Davis.

Guransh “The Turbanator” Singh- Damian Lillard (Portland)

Lillard is overlooked for big man Anthony Davis, but at the end of the year, Lillard’s eye-popping stats and surprisingly efficient and explosive play will prove that he deserves ROY.

Ben “Quatro” Schick- Anthony Davis (New Orleans)

Anthony Davis will bring the dominant big man
personality back to the NBA.  He can knock down any jump shot, and his ease around the rim is
uncharacteristic of a man his size.

Spenser “The Chief” Easterbrook- Bradley Beal (Washington)

When in doubt, always bet on a Wizard.

NBA Champion

Ben “Foxy Mama” Fox- Oklahoma City Thunder

After an amazing season that ended in a heartbreaking loss to the Heat in the
Finals, the Thunder is poised to complete its ascension to the top. More experience and a strong group of core players should bring the franchise its first title since moving from Seattle.

Guransh “The Turbanator” Singh- Miami Heat

Dwayne Wade has finally recuperated from a grueling season. Chris Bosh has never looked better with Lebron James and Wade;  and has improved his outside shot, giving Lebron has even more space to attack the basket. The chemistry the Big Three have built will prove insurmountable for the rest of the league.

Ben “Quatro” Schick- New York Knicks

The Knicks are going to win the NBA Championship because of their unselfish offense. The thing holding the Knicks back for the past two years has been ball-hogging. This season, head coach Mike Woodson has found a way to get his players to trust each other and share the ball. Winning a title will be a slam dunk.

Spenser “The Chief” Easterbrook- Oklahoma City Thunder

My brain tells me to go with the Heat, but my heart says Thunder.

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‘Observer’ bros make 2012-13 NBA picks