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The School Newspaper of Winston Churchill High School.

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The School Newspaper of Winston Churchill High School.

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Facebook struggles with a lack of privacy and security.

Facebook struggles with privacy issues

By Miranda Chung, Assistant Opinions Editor April 5, 2019

For the past year, Facebook has been struggling with the government in regard to their data collection activities, and many people are aware of the scandals associated with the company. However, that’s...

Facebook popularity declining, Twitter rising

Facebook popularity declining, Twitter rising

By Daniel Miyares, Staff Writers February 25, 2014

A team of Princeton researchers recently published a study predicting a critical decline in the amount of people who use Facebook. Conversely, Twitter and other social networks are rapidly gaining popularity,...

What do your Facebook Likes say about you?

What do your Facebook “Likes” say about you?

By Jordan Maser, Features Editor December 2, 2013

A high school student’s typical train of thought is: What’s the Psych homework— Facebook—How I Met Your Mother is on tonight—I should check Facebook—Chipotle for dinner tonight—When was the...

New Privacy Settings Affect Teens on Facebook

New Privacy Settings Affect Teens on Facebook

By Natalie Cortez, Public Relations and Social Media Editor October 29, 2013

Facebook had loosened its privacy setting for its teenage users. The new privacy setting took effect Oct. 17. Originally the networking site restricted 13 to 17 year olds to sharing posts to friends...

Churchill Compliments brightens students’ days

Churchill Compliments brightens students’ days

By Skylar Whitman, Staff Writer March 1, 2013

A Facebook account called "Churchill Compliments" has become a popular way for students to anonymously compliment each other. The Facebook account, which was created in December and has more than 1,000...

Facebook groups increase change of cheating

Facebook groups increase change of cheating

By Sonia Shekar, Staff Writer November 21, 2011

 It has never been easier for students to share information with each other about classes, but that does not mean this communication is helpful.  Students have made groups on Facebook for many classes...

Facebook incorporates changes

By Manisha Singh, Fact Checker October 25, 2011

Attention CHS Facebook addicts: it is time to say goodbye to those lifelong profiles. There is a new change ahead and it is going to be revolutionary. The “Facebook Timeline” is a newer version...

Facebook takes stalking to a whole new level

By Staff Columnist, Charles Cook October 24, 2011

You listen intently while two kids you do not know converse about their insane weekend. You then spy over another girl’s shoulder as she shows her friend her new pictures from spring break. You finish...

Google adopts Facebook’s ‘Like’ and other features

By Julia Reagan Staff Writer May 20, 2011

Due to the increasing popularity of Facebook, other websites like Google are adding Facebook-inspired features.  Google’s new “like” system, called Google +1, allows users to mark their favorite...

Use of social media leads to Egyptian Revolution

In the past, the United States has seen numerous domestic demonstrations, such as the 1963 March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, which was organized by African American religious, civil rights and...

Facebook group bashes CHS, students fight back

By By Spencer Levy Megan Scanlan Staff Writers March 1, 2011

“Everyone hates CHS because we use bats [against cars], take computers for granted and think we are better than everyone else.” These are just a few of the posts on the new Facebook group “Everyone...

Hollander’s Hot Sauce

By Ben Hollander, Columnist December 22, 2010

Amidst my usual Sunday routine of watching professional football and snacking aggressively, I noticed something that caught my eye. Courtney Cox’s Cougar Town was advertised in high esteem as the new,...

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