Class of 2017 holds Chipotle fundraiser

By Eugenia Cardinale

The Class of 2017 held a fundraiser at Chipotle in the Potomac Village from 6 to 9 p.m. Sept. 2.

Many people came to support the Class of 2017, raising $1737.88 for the class.

“It was so incredible getting to see that so many people are willing to help our grade succeed,” class vice president Lindsey Levi said.

According to Class of 2017 sponsor Kevin Doherty, some of the money will be used to finance homecoming, but most of it will be saved to pay for events in the future such as prom and senior banquet.


“I plan to regularly have fundraisers at Chipotle,” Doherty said. “Chipotle gives us a great deal, it’s in the area and kids like to eat there.”