TOTM: Stacey Fisher


Photo by Sneha David

Ms. Fisher, shown holding up her “Teacher of the Month” certificate, teaches both AP AB Statistics and Intro to Statistics. She has taught for 17 years at WCHS.

By Sneha David, Assistant Online Editor

Math is often seen as the boring and hard subject that everyone is required to take. However, any student who has had Ms. Stacey Fisher knows that her class feels far from boring. With extensive knowledge in mathematics, Fisher teaches both Intro to Statistics and AP AB Calculus.

“I went to West Chester University, a small state school in Pennsylvania, and majored in Secondary Education: Mathematics,” Fisher said. “After graduating high school I knew I wanted to be a teacher. I was going to do elementary education but I heard that you have a better chance getting into secondary education rather than elementary education when applying to West Chester. Therefore, I decided to do Secondary Education: Mathematics.”

While many teachers grew up loving the subject they teach, Fisher’s experience is a little different. She did not necessarily love the subject growing up, but she believed it to be easy. After teaching for many years her love for math has grown a lot.

“Growing up I wouldn’t say I had a passion for math. It was one of the subjects that came easy for me and made a lot of sense, right or wrong, very concrete,” Fisher said. “But since I have become a teacher and [started] teaching higher-level math, I would say I have now grown a passion for math more than I ever had before I started teaching.”

Fisher not only works to make sure her students are successful in the classroom, but also offers help outside of class time. She strives to make sure all of her students do well in her class. 

“What makes Ms. Fisher a good teacher is the inclusive environment she creates in her classroom, in which many students can ask questions and collaborate with others,” WCHS junior Sania Khanna said. “Her availability to help students with work during her office hours is also a big help.”

Fisher goes above and beyond to make sure her students feel prepared. She creates informative and helpful test reviews and always ensures that her students are comfortable and knowledgeable in the topics that will be assessed.

“Ms. Fisher has helped me succeed in math class by answering any questions I may have, going over tests with me, as well as providing feedback and tips in class,” Khanna said. “Ms. Fisher provides us with a test overview in which she states the topics that will be on quizzes which allows us to gain a better insight on what to study for a certain quiz.”

Reaching out for help is a fear many students know all too well. Asking questions can be scary and students are not always comfortable with asking for help. Fisher, who is constantly creating a safe environment in her classroom, always encourages people to always ask questions if they need it.

“[Fisher] always wants her students to succeed,” WCHS junior Kira Bernstien said. “She cares about making sure people understand the topics. She would always help me when I needed it and was very open to helping her students when they needed it.”

While being knowledgeable on the subjects she teaches, what makes Fisher stand out is her passion for teaching and the effect she has on her students. She is enthusiastic with every lesson she teaches, which makes students want to learn. 

“I love teaching because it gives students’ tools in their toolbox that they may need later in their career or education,” Fisher said. “I love seeing students’ ‘light-bulbs’ go off when they get the problem and how to get the answer. I love teaching because every day is different and every year there are new students and a new start.”