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The School Newspaper of Winston Churchill High School.

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The School Newspaper of Winston Churchill High School.

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Mr. Nugent proudly holds his Teacher of the Month Award.

Teacher of the month: James Nugent

By Lily Chadwick, Observations Editor June 8, 2024

Many know him as the teacher who displays a new colorful shirt on the daily, but those who have had the opportunity to be his student know him as so much more. Students of Mr. Nugent admire his uniqueness...

Mr. Christopher Forney smiles while he stands in front of a white board drawing of himself, holding his teacher of the month certificate. He has been teaching MCPS students in subjects such as psychology and world history for 26 years.

Teacher of the month: Christopher Forney

By Amir-Abbas Yazdi, Opinions Editor May 29, 2024

On the surface: a three-time “Teacher of the Month” award winner. A social studies guru. A certified voyager. Beneath the surface: an artiste. An active listener. A kind-hearted human. These are some...

Mr. Stephen Wilson serves math with a smile every day he can and does his best to brighten students days.

Teacher of the month: Stephen Wilson

By Nate Levine, Social Media Manager March 1, 2024

The undisputed fastest grader in WCHS history. A highly caring teacher his students come to know well and love. A stickler for attendance because he knows that being present in the classroom is what allows...

Ms. Emmalee Kenny proudly holds up her Teacher of the Month sign.

Teacher of the month: Emmalee Kenny

By Clara Young, Copy Editor December 15, 2023

On a dreary school morning, 40 minutes of physical activity or awkward health topics could sound more appealing to the average student. Yet, the Physical Education and Health departments might have changed...

With this year marking her 10th year teaching at WCHS, Ms. Jana Coffey has already made a difference this year. By responding to her students based on how they feel, she is able to make sure everyone feels comfortable.

Teacher of the Month: Jana Coffey

By Cecilia Bernstein, Assistant Observations Editor November 13, 2023

While many students at WCHS believe they have been in every single hallway, many have not been able to explore the Bridge department. There, students will find one of the kindest and most passionate teachers...

WCHS teacher Ms. Tebay smiles while holding her Teacher of the Month certificate. This is her second year teaching art at WCHS.

Teacher of the Month: Jillian Tebay

By Tafa Nukator, Assistant Opinions Editor October 18, 2023

Paintings, drawings and photographs are plastered on every wall of the classroom. This decor is certainly befitting for someone who teaches a range of different art classes. When students enter WCHS teacher...

Mrs. Marshall, shown holding her Teacher of the Month sign, currently teaches AP U.S. History and Honors NSL. She has been a teacher for 17 years, all of which have been at WCHS.

Teacher of the Month: Amanda Marshall

By Caitlin Murphy, Copy Editor March 28, 2023

From telling stories about the robber barons of the Gilded Age in AP U.S. History to teaching students about checks and balances in Honors NSL, Amanda Marshall certainly brings social studies to life in...

Mr. Freundel, shown holding up his Teacher of the Month certificate, teaches both AP Psychology and Honors World.

Teacher of the Month: John Freundel

By Melissa Redlich, Features Editor March 27, 2023

Teaching Weber’s Law in AP Psychology, Genghis Khan in Honors World History, fiscal policy in AP NSL and feudalism in Medieval History, John Freundel has done it all. However, no matter what curriculum...

Mr. Swift proudly holds up his “Teacher of the Month” certificate. This is Swift’s third year at WCHS, where he teaches AP Computer Science Principles and Broadcast TV.

Teacher of the Month: William Swift

By Julia Levi, Assistant Observations Editor March 27, 2023

Doing everything from holding skiing world records and working for PBS to teaching high school students, calling Mr. William Swift well-rounded would be an understatement. Known for his bubbly and lively...

Ms. Fisher, shown holding up her Teacher of the Month certificate, teaches both AP AB Statistics and Intro to Statistics. She has taught for 17 years at WCHS.

TOTM: Stacey Fisher

By Sneha David, Assistant Online Editor December 2, 2022

Math is often seen as the boring and hard subject that everyone is required to take. However, any student who has had Ms. Stacey Fisher knows that her class feels far from boring. With extensive knowledge...

Mr. Fishman, the Anatomy and Physiology teacher at WCHS, uses his human skeleton model to assist his students with a visual representation to relate to their learning.

Teacher of the Month: James Fishman

By Diya Kachoria, Photo Manager October 20, 2022

With both an immense amount of knowledge in the subject and prior experiences that pair perfectly with the course, Mr. James Fishman has a lot to offer as the Anatomy and Physiology teacher at WCHS. Along...

Teacher of the Month: Jonathan Lee

Teacher of the Month: Jonathan Lee

By Rachel Mattison, Online Editor-in-Chief June 10, 2022

His outfit of a cap, green shirt and basketball shorts is instantly recognizable. His room is consistently buzzing at lunch. His students appreciate his patience. His passion for WCHS with the colleagues,...

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