The School Newspaper of Winston Churchill High School.

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The School Newspaper of Winston Churchill High School.

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The School Newspaper of Winston Churchill High School.

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On March 17th, 2023, numerous WCHS sophomores fell victim to the dangerously cold temperatures in the English hallway. Some fell unconscious while simply trying to get to class.

Gym saunas raise temps

By Brianna Frank, Double Bass Extrordinaire June 8, 2023

For weeks, the temperature in WCHS classrooms has widely fluctuated, and the answer to why is finally here. After years of planning and thousands of dollars, WCHS’s athletic department has allowed saunas...

WCHS senior Brendan Carnathan turns in his third grade math homework to his elementary school teacher and receives full credit for it after the new MCPS policy.

Improve your old grades

By Justin Greenzaid, Sports Editor June 2, 2023

Following the grueling pandemic, MCPS school work has only become harder and stricter. With tight deadlines, huge workloads and no retakes or curves, many students have found themselves struggling. At...

With the removal of the 50% Rule, many students are now failing their classes, receiving low scores on tests and assignments.

Death of the 50% rule

By Caroline Harless, Doesn't Know What to Put Here June 2, 2023

The “50% Rule” is something that all students undeniably benefit from. The rule prevents students from receiving a grade lower than 50% on all assignments, quizzes and tests, functioning as a safety...

Located in the WCHS courtyard, the new playground is complete with a trampoline, jungle gym, several slides and a parkour obstacle course.

Recess returns at WCHS

By Julia Levi, Pro Lefty-ist May 20, 2023

Are you missing your childhood? Feeling nostalgic? Wishing you could feel like a kid again? Lucky for you, this might just be possible. After months of endless requests submitted to the main office, WCHS...

A new pop-up Nobu has been added where students will be able to purchase the newest addition to WCHS cafeteria. Here they will be able to enjoy the cheap - but enjoyable - sushi this store has to offer.

Celebrity favorite Nobu comes to WCHS cafeteria

By Sneha David and Kendyl Groisser May 20, 2023

In an exciting development for WCHS students, Nobu founder Nobu Matsuhisa announced that the high-end Japanese restaurant will be coming to WCHS’ cafeteria in the near future. Matsuhisa, famous for his...

WCHS student uses binoculars in the hallway to see what classroom her new boy obsession is going into.

How to get a boyfriend in five easy steps!

By Melissa Redlich, Double Truck "Specialist" May 15, 2023

Everyone wants a partner. I mean, who are you without one? I know that your friends and parents might say that life is fine being single, but it really isn’t. For your sake, here’s how to get a partner...

Mr. Portnoy is excited to begin his preparation to educate students on sports betting.

Sports betting: a gamble?

By Liam Klein, Can't Hear You, Airpods Are In May 15, 2023

AP classes are a staple of students' schedules at WCHS. Classes like AP Statistics, AP Modern World History, AP Literature, AP Biology, AP Physics, AP Computer Science and more keep students busy from...

WCHS chemistry teacher Walter White poses in front of his mass supply of senioritis vaccines before they are administered to WCHS. Some say this has driven him to Breaking Bad syndrome, but its just basic feelings.

Death of senioritis: new vaccine saves senior students

By Jeremy Chung, Ha-Yeon Hater May 15, 2023

The greatest vaccine of the twenty-first century will finally eradicate this deadly disease once and for all. And no, we are not talking about COVID-19, we are talking about senioritis.  As the second...

Students must now make the change from technology to traditional paper due to a new WCHS policy.

Say goodbye to computers and hello to pencils

By Caitlin Murphy, Oxford Comma Enthusiast May 15, 2023

Three years ago the COVID-19 pandemic struck the world and WCHS, sending students home for an “extended” spring break. Now, three years later, WCHS has been hit with a new pandemic: technology. If...

Helicopter footage captured a never before seen image of the roof of WCHS. The pool on the third floor was always rumored to be there, but now its presence is confirmed.

Feeling too kool for skhool? There’s a pool

By Michael Demske, Pays To Be On The Front Page May 15, 2023

Yes, the rumors are true, the pool on the third floor exists. Over the years, the WCHS pool has secretly become a prime destination for faculty recreational activities. There is no wonder why every teacher...

A teacher and her students adjust to outdoor learning environment. WCHS plans to implement the same idea to improve academic performance.

WCHS outdoor learning initiative replaces traditional classrooms *(April Fools)

By Jeremy Fredricks, Copy Editor April 9, 2021

WCHS has been around since 1964. For nearly 60 years, the building has stood as a center of education, learning and growth. Now, it won’t. The building will be closed as WCHS transitions to an all-outdoor...

The Flavortown Review, is the review book for AP Lunch, the newest AP course. It is recommended that students planning on taking AP Lunch buy the review book in preparation for the challenging AP exam.

AP Lunch returns to satisfy hungry students*(April Fools)

By Olivia Yasharoff, Arts Editor April 9, 2021

By popular demand, The College Board has decided to bring back AP Lunch and will reintroduce it in all MCPS schools starting next year for students with an appetite for learning about lunch. Honors...

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