The School Newspaper of Winston Churchill High School.

The Observer

The School Newspaper of Winston Churchill High School.

The Observer

The School Newspaper of Winston Churchill High School.

The Observer

WCHS student uses binoculars in the hallway to see what classroom her new boy obsession is.

Say hello to empty stomachs but full brains

By Tafa Nukator, Lebron Enthusiast April 16, 2024

It is no secret that WCHS is characterized by its competitive academic culture, with many students aiming to take as many high-level courses as possible. While summer courses are an option, a limited number...

In preparation for the school-wide change in writing requirements, WCHS teachers have been practicing writing emoji-only articles to test how students will perform on these assessments.

Did you get a rose, thumbs up, salsa lady or kicking boot?

By Cecilia Bernstein, Napped Through NYC April 16, 2024

Every generation has its trends and slang. For Baby Boomers, it is their strong work ethic. For Millenials, it is their Buzzfeed quizzes. However, for Generation Z, it is their excessive use of emojis....

WCHS freshman Blake Blakely works with her pro-Taylor group create posters supporting their cause and bashing The Observer.

Observer Outrage! Taylor brings the gavel down

By Lily Chadwick, Chipotle's #1 Supporter April 16, 2024

First Spotify, then Scooter Braun, and now WCHS. Taylor Swift is suing the "Churchill Observer'' over a negative album review written in 2018. The whole debacle began after an anonymous Wootton student...

WCHS sophomore Catherine Ward smiles after receiving a $20 bill for acing her math test. The new MCPS Learn to Earn program awards students with monetary incentive for academic excellence.

Make it rain! Students earn cash for grades

By Bella Donato, Dancing Queen April 16, 2024

A delicious meal, a fun time with friends and now it is time to pay. You take out your wallet just to be hit with a five-dollar bill and some loose coins. A wave of stress rushes through your body as everybody...

Teacher of the Month ChatGPT proudly displays their logo across every inch of their classroom covering every possible surface


By ChatGPT, Side job is Headline Manager April 16, 2024

Move over traditional teachers! WCHS is proud to announce that its Teacher of the Month for April 2024 is none other than the infamous ChatGPT. This marks the first time an artificial intelligence has...

Muscular monstrosity Mikhail Tolstikov fires his howitzer cannon into a cluster of Union soldiers during the 16th reenactment of the Battle of Gettysburg. Sending scores of blue uniformed men to their maker, Tolstikov can be heard shouting TALYHO, LADS as he fires another 12-pound iron all from his cannon.

Students learn how to really fight through reenacting the Battle of Gettysburg

By Maximus Wang, Can't Hear You, Airpods Are In April 16, 2024

When one thinks of school punishments, they think of office referrals, or phone calls home or even suspensions. Yet, an inventive new punishment has taken WCHS by storm. An experimental policy, first implemented...

Students have been caught going 50+ mph, despite the 10mph speed limit. Speeding is a big problem with WCHS drivers.

Beware! 99% of seniors will get $100 speeding tickets this week

By Caroline Harless, HR Manager & Honorary Editor-in-Chief April 4, 2024

“Skrrt!!!! Watch out!”— that’s the sound of a WCHS driver (who shouldn’t have their license) zooming into the parking lot. If one thing is certain about WCHS, it’s that our students are NOT...

WCHS teachers Brian Ostry and Curtis Hart-Southworth fight each other as security guard JT breaks them up.

Ostry and Hart-Southworth brawl over interns

By Kendyl Groisser and Sneha David April 4, 2024

WCHS technology teacher  Justin Ostry has strongly encouraged his students to take the internship class, yet he recently came to the realization that most seniors are taking double math classes. A common...

Sir Winston Churchill has stepped up to the challenge and agreed to be WCHS new mascot. Administration has already begun to input the necessary changes and WCHS must come to terms with this new reality.

New mascot to guide WCHS even through the “darkest hour”

By Dehab Deglel, Churchill Over Attlee Any Day April 4, 2024

WCHS has been promoting harmful stereotypes for too long, and students have agreed that it is time for a change. While having a bulldog as a mascot may seem innocent, the true injustice of this choice...

WCHS junior Thao Nguyen got a little too excited in Transfiguration class, as she overcasted a spell that turned her friend into an elf.

Muggles beware! WCHS adopts new Hogwarts curriculum

By Catherine Chan and Rebecca Dean April 4, 2024

A while ago, a white feathery owl dropped off a letter for Principal Taylor that read: Dear Principal Taylor, It has come to our attention through the magic mirrors that now is the time for change....

The McDonalds workers have been hard at work since their opening at WCHS to ensure they can accommodate the students.

Would you like fries with that? Check out the Golden Arches

By Isabel Vorabhanda, Avid McDonald's Enthusiast & Fangirl April 4, 2024

WCHS students scrambled to school on March 1, 2024 to see if the rumor was true. There  were whispers that the McDonalds that closed at Cabin John Shopping Center was coming to WCHS and as much as students...

A WCHS English TA grades AP Lang assignments. The schools English department has introduced picker wheels in an attempt to lower class averages, with the eventual goal of failing students.

AP Lang grades with picker wheels to combat grade inflation

By Isar Uslu, AP Lang's #1 Fan April 4, 2024

For many students at WCHS, grading policies can be incredibly frustrating. From deadlines to 50% rules, it can be difficult to grasp how the process works. More frustratingly, after all the work students...

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