The School Newspaper of Winston Churchill High School.

The Observer

The School Newspaper of Winston Churchill High School.

The Observer

The School Newspaper of Winston Churchill High School.

The Observer

WCHS sophomore Catherine Ward smiles after receiving a $20 bill for acing her math test. The new MCPS Learn to Earn program awards students with monetary incentive for academic excellence.

Make it rain! Students earn cash for grades

By Bella Donato, Dancing Queen April 16, 2024

A delicious meal, a fun time with friends and now it is time to pay. You take out your wallet just to be hit with a five-dollar bill and some loose coins. A wave of stress rushes through your body as everybody...

There are five hidden dollar bills in this photo alone! One of them is a real spot for a dollar bill... Take that extra hint and go make some money!

Need Money? WCHS might have you covered…

By Ryan Weiner, "The Ginger" May 20, 2023

Check under the desks! Check inside the lockers! Check on the side of vending machines! The Churchill Observer has hidden 10 $100 bills throughout the school for all students to find! After inheriting...

WCHS office worker, Mrs. Robinson, flexes a taste of the amount of money she won from the mega millions lottery through immense luck.

Administrator hit$ the jackpot with mega million win

By Jack Gans, Probably Used ChatGPT For This May 15, 2023

Teachers have been spreading the rumors, and The Observer investigative team has officially discovered it to be true. Mrs. Robinson, one of the school's office workers, has won the Mega Millions lottery,...

Daylight Savings Time(DST) has long been an issue of scrutiny for its outdatedness. Both expensive and the cause of health problems, DST needs to be abolished.

It is time to stay sprung forward

By Ha-Yeon Jeon, Opinions Editor March 18, 2022

$434 million each year. What is the U.S. spending this money on? Expanding the reach of education to under-resourced districts? Investing in improvements to nationwide infrastructure? Developing green...

Harriet Tubman was voted as the candidate to replace President Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill.

Women deserve to be on the face of U.S. currency

By Jasmine Baten, Opininons Editor June 3, 2015

Eight a.m.—AP Exam. 12 p.m.—the exam lets out. After that—a relaxing trip to the mall. Any student who wishes can carry out this plan. According to the CHS website, “students who are taking...

SAT policy unfair to the underprivileged

By Maya Montayne
Opinions Editor
May 26, 2009

SAT scores have constantly been dramatized as one of the most important components of a college application. For decades the four-hour long test has had the power to completely eclipse four years of high...

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