The School Newspaper of Winston Churchill High School.

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The School Newspaper of Winston Churchill High School.

The Observer

The School Newspaper of Winston Churchill High School.

The Observer

Students have been caught going 50+ mph, despite the 10mph speed limit. Speeding is a big problem with WCHS drivers.

Beware! 99% of seniors will get $100 speeding tickets this week

By Caroline Harless, HR Manager & Honorary Editor-in-Chief April 4, 2024

“Skrrt!!!! Watch out!”— that’s the sound of a WCHS driver (who shouldn’t have their license) zooming into the parking lot. If one thing is certain about WCHS, it’s that our students are NOT...

WCHS senior Alvia Naqvi completes the FAFSA after its release in early January. Completion has not been easy, however, as there are many issues with the form.

FASFA Frustration: students struggle with financial aid fiasco

By Caroline Harless, News Editor March 1, 2024

Every year, around 18 million students complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Created to provide federal aid to students who demonstrate financial need, the FAFSA has long been...

In an attempt to increase club attendance, flyers with QR codes to track club participation are being put around WCHS.

Observer Opinion: Club Overkill

By Caroline Harless, News Editor February 1, 2024

Juvenile Arthritis Club. Feminist Literature Club. Aeronautical Club. It is no secret that WCHS has hundreds of clubs covering all topics — 172 to be exact. With the option to create a new club for the...

Pictured from left to right: Rockville Town Squares Ice Skating Rink, Winter City Lights, Downtown Holiday Market, Ford’s Theatre “A Christmas Carol.

Embrace the season with top winter activities in the DMV area

By Caroline Harless, News Editor December 18, 2023

For many, the chilly weather synonymous with winter means one thing: cozy season. Staying inside under warm blankets, watching holiday movies and sipping on hot chocolate are all typical winter activities...

MCPS SMOB Sami Saeed presenting his Safe Schools Resolution to the BOE on Oct. 26. One of Saeeds biggest goals as SMOB is to increase safety and security in s

Safe Schools Resolution raises the bar for school security

By Caroline Harless, News Editor November 13, 2023

In a world where mass violence is all too common in schools, it is no surprise that many students often feel unsafe in class. From individuals carrying guns in schools to countless bomb threats, MCPS has...

Pictured from left to right are the boba drinks from Kung Fu Tea, Tiger Sugar, Boba Pop, and Gong-Cha.

Sip, Savor, Score: Boba Ratings

By Ha-Yeon Jeon and Caroline Harless October 18, 2023

Boba. Bubble Tea. Pearl Milk Tea. These are all names for the delicious drink characterized by tea with tapioca pearls, offered at countless locations within Montgomery County. At WCHS, many students love...

WCHS senior Eric Bomfim using his MacBook during class to complete assignments. The continual use of personal laptops is something WCHS is trying to eliminate.

WCHS cracking down on the PMD policy is beneficial

By Caroline Harless, News Editor October 3, 2023

Implemented in the 2022-23 school year, the Personal Mobile Device (PMD) Policy aimed to prevent student use of personal devices—including cell phones, personal laptops and headphones—during class...

Students arriving at school on May 19. Getting students to and from school safely is a major concern with the new findings of the bus violations.

Ticket troubles: Bus drivers rack up violations

By Caroline Harless, News Editor June 6, 2023

MCPS school buses transport over 103,000 students daily between home and school. Regardless of whether the ride is 10 minutes or 40, buses play a crucial role in ensuring students reach their destinations....

With the removal of the 50% Rule, many students are now failing their classes, receiving low scores on tests and assignments.

Death of the 50% rule

By Caroline Harless, Doesn't Know What to Put Here June 2, 2023

The “50% Rule” is something that all students undeniably benefit from. The rule prevents students from receiving a grade lower than 50% on all assignments, quizzes and tests, functioning as a safety...

Narcan, a life-saving medication that can quickly reverse the effects of opioid overdoses, is now permitted for students to carry in school with the hope that the number of fatal overdoses in MCPS decrease.

MCPS implements a new policy after major drug issues

By Caroline Harless, News Editor May 30, 2023

Within the walls of MCPS, an insidious force has seized control: the fentanyl epidemic. From narratives of misguided experimentation to the victims of peer pressure, fentanyl-induced overdoses have plagued...

Student cars parked on Victory Lane on April 19. Victory Lane is a popular street for students to park on due to its proximity to WCHS.

Administration driven crazy by student parking violators

By Caroline Harless, Observations Editor May 15, 2023

To the majority of 16-year-olds, getting their driver’s license is one of the most pivotal moments of their teenage careers. With a driver’s license comes new freedom, more responsibility and something...

Mr. Taylor sitting at his desk completing work on Feb. 14. After being away from WCHS for over a month, Mr. Taylor has returned to his normal routine.

From high to middle school halls, Taylor does it all

By Caroline Harless, Observations Editor March 28, 2023

As students pass through school, going from class to class every day, it is not uncommon to see a familiar face in the hallways: Principal John Taylor. From catching up with students to meeting with staff,...

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