Student Art Spotlight: Hannah Roberts


Courtesy of Hannah Roberts

Senior Hannah Roberts often often uses her friends as muses when taking photographs.

By Sapna David, Features Editor

With the click of a button, the shutter opens and then closes and quickly produces a beautiful piece of art. The art of photography, although overlooked, requires a significant amount of talent. 

Senior Hannah Roberts has been carrying around Kodak disposable cameras ever since she was little. As she grew older, her dad taught her how to use his camera and she began taking photos with a Canon EOS T7i. Her biggest inspiration is photographer Robert Mapplethorpe.

”Whenever I’m with my friends I tend to take pictures of them to capture the moment and post them to my Instagram,” Roberts said.

Her main subject of her pictures are people, often her friends, and she takes a variety of photos everywhere she goes. Robert’s Instagram @shutter.bum has over 100 photos. Some using film, some in black and white, even one taken with her Nintendo DS. When taking pictures with film, she uses a Minolta XG-1.

“I usually always have a camera on me because I feel like there’s always something to take pictures of  wherever I go,” Roberts said.

Roberts became serious with her photography as a sophomore, whereas when she was little, it was just a hobby. She was able to expand this passion when she took a class at the Parsons School of Design.

“A few of my pieces were put up in an exhibit at the Parsons School of Design,” Roberts said. “I hope that my pictures give off joy and truly capture the emotions of the subjects.”

Roberts can be spotted at every school event with a camera in her hand. She also captures memorable moments for the yearbook. Not only has she taken pictures at the pep rally and various football games but has attended the forum on diversity and overcrowding in MCPS schools, capturing the raw feelings of various attendees.

“I love seeing others post or share the pictures I take of them because it displays my hard work,” Roberts said.

Her favorite photo she’s taken is one of her friend Octavio add last name in a dorm bathroom in NYC add month and year of photo taken .

“I hope to capture a deeper meaning or show what was happening in the moment,” Roberts said.