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Student Art Spotlight: Hannah Roberts

Senior Hannah Roberts often often uses her friends as muses when taking photographs.

By Sapna David, Features Editor

December 18, 2019

With the click of a button, the shutter opens and then closes and quickly produces a beautiful piece of art. The art of photography, although overlooked, requires a significant amount of talent.  Senior Hannah Roberts has been carrying around Kodak disposable cameras ever since she was little. As...

Student Art Spotlight: Michael Castelli

Senior Michael Castelli started dancing when he was entering high school, and is completely self trained. He is the co dance captain of BLAST and Showstoppers, as well as a choreographer in the school musical Legally Blonde.

By Ela Jalil, Assistant News Editor

December 3, 2019

As the dancer’s turns begin to grow faster, the audience follows, completely mesmerized. Finally, he leaps into a death drop as the song hits its peak, and the audience cheers loudly. Senior Michael Castelli first gained interest in dance after attending his sister’s dance competitions. Soon, he f...

Student Art Spotlight: Heather Kirschner

Heather Kirschner plays Cinderella in the winter musical production of

By Laura Sneller, Arts Editor

December 17, 2018

You may recognize her from her most recent role as the beloved Disney princess Cinderella in the WCHS fall musical or have seen her perform last spring in Blast, but it is no surprise that junior Heather Kirschner has set the standard for musical and theatrical performance at WCHS. Kirschner’s passion...

Student Art Spotlight: Mason Catalon

Senior Mason Catalon uses dry materials and ink to create artwork,

By Laura Sneller, Arts Editor

November 13, 2018

From the random paint colors staining her wardrobe to the doodle-filled sketchbook that is glued to her hand, it is no secret that senior Mason Catalon is a passionate artist. For her, art is an integral part of her life and her need to draw is equivalent to her need to breathe. “I’ve always b...

Student Art Spotlight: Sebin Jeon

Artist Sebin Jeon creates monochromatic drawings inspired by her experiences with people and nature.

By Vicky Gunawan, Observations Editor

May 9, 2018

Art is not just a black-and-white subject, as it is usually thought of as vibrant and complex. However, for junior Sebin Jeon, her style of expressing her creativity is through the use of monochromatic, or single colored, pencil drawings. Jeon recently received a Gold Key and honorable mention for...

Student Art Spotlight: Karis Lee

By Laura Sneller, Opinions Editor

February 7, 2018

Being extremely talented in both arts and athletics while also maintaining good grades in school is an amazing feat, requiring life balancing skills that could land one a job at the Cirque du Soleil. Most students only dream of attaining this level of well-roundedness, but for junior Karis Lee, this...

Student Art Spotlight: Dylan Fan

Junior Dylan Fan’s award winning photo, taken in NYC.

By Sophie Liss, Sports Editor

January 9, 2018

Some students find exhilaration in playing a championship sports game. Others enjoy writing stories or poems to express their thoughts and feelings. For junior Dylan Fan, photography is his way of expressing himself and finding entertainment at the same time. Aside from photographing for his own enjoyment,...

Student Art Spotlight: Bridgette Warner

Senior Bridgette Warner poses with her next masterpiece.

By Dani Miller, Opinions Editor

November 29, 2017

Homecoming season is often regarded as the best time of the year, due to the dance, the exhilarating lunch games and perhaps most importantly to some students at CHS, the astonishing floats and murals that each grade displays every year. For senior Bridgette Warner, one of the artists behind the winning...

Student Art Spotlight: Mali Hajaghaei

Student Art Spotlight: Mali Hajaghaei

By Maya Rosenberg, Editor-in-Chief

October 24, 2017

There are 65 murals in D.C., each unique in their own style, subject and artist. No one understands this better than junior Mali Hajaghaei, who painted her own mural downtown this summer. Hajaghaei, along with others, painted the mural in Anacostia, a historic neighborhood located in Southeast D.C....

Student Art Spotlight: Alex Zarynow

Alex Zarynow poses with Congressman John Delaney at the Congressional Art Competition. Zarynow has achieved much success through his photography.

By Sarah O'Brien and Balbina Yang

May 28, 2016

For some people, it’s all about the music, the dance moves or the food. However, for senior Alex Zarynow, it’s all about the pictures. Although he is in Photography 1, Zarynow is self-taught and began taking photos during his junior year at CHS. Ever since, he has won awards, such as in the Congressional...

Student Art Spotlight: Anthony Ratinov

Senior Anthony Ratinov has been playing piano since age 4. He has performed at the CHS Arts Festival, Strathmore and the Kennedy Center.

By Emiliana Cardinale, Production Manager

April 29, 2016

Senior Anthony Ratinov began playing piano at the age of 4, and his grandmother has been his teacher ever since. He started playing because his grandmother noticed he was singing along to the piano and decided to give him lessons. "My biggest inspiration, not only in music, has probably been my grandma," Ratinov s...

Student Art Spotlight:

Junior Libby Spriggs has helped design costumes for CHS performances since freshman year. She plans to continue fashion in the future.

By Sarah O’Brien, Production Editor

March 22, 2016

Although often overlooked, fashion has a major influence on show business, and junior Libby Spriggs dedicates her time to ensure that all the actors and actresses of CHS look their part. Spriggs has been finding, altering and creating costumes for the CHS plays and musicals since her freshman year....

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