Student Art Spotlight: Jiyou Kang



Junior Jiyou Kang often uses different mediums to create his art. Above is a collage he is currently working on.

By Riley Hurr, Circulation Manager

High school is a time of discovery and self reflection. Many students are still searching for their passions and future career interests. But junior Jiyou Kang has already discovered his calling as an artist.

Kang takes drawing classes both in and outside of school. Whether it’s doodling in his free time, or drawing a piece to submit to a competition, Kang loves to draw as it allows him to give form to his imagination.

“I draw whenever I get the chance to do so,” Kang said. “A few hours at home every day and random doodles throughout the school day.”

The never ending desire to pick up a pen and let his imagination pour onto his paper is what makes drawing such a great way to express himself.

“My most memorable win will always be winning first place for Maryland in my first art contest,” Kang said. “It was the State Fish Stamp Art Contest when I was in sixth grade.”

Kang became serious about drawing when he was around 10 years old, taking his love for the arts to a whole new level. Throughout his entire life, one thing has always been consistent: drawing.

“I’m particularly proud of my wins in the Scholastic Art and Writing Contest this year,” Kang said. “[I won] eight gold medals, one silver medal and one honorable mention.”

His three favorite things to draw are humans, robots and dragons. Kang puts an incredible amount of detail into his work, ensuring that it looks as accurate and realistic as possible.

“I’ve known Jiyou since 7th grade, and I’ve seen several of his drawings,” junior William Chan said. “They’re all very good, very detailed and very professional.”

Throughout his time at CHS, Kang has taken Studio Art 1, Studio Art 2, AP Art History and is currently taking AP Studio Art.

“It is a honor to work with such a naturally talented and gifted artist like Jiyou,” AP Studio Art teacher Dana Mooney said.

Outside of taking art classes at CHS, Kang takes private art lessons with his teacher after school. He is currently working on a 3-D mixed media piece that involves acrylic paint, plastic bottles, hot glue and plastic.

“In eighth grade, [Kang] was taking a bunch of drawing requests, specifically a doodle of some sort directly in their yearbook,” Chan said. “Me and my friends got a bunch of pictures related to Pokemon or League of Legends characters, but he can draw a lot of cool things if you just ask him.”

Kang plans to use his interests in art throughout his professional career in the future, which will cement art’s large presence in his life.

As for the next few years, Kang has his eyes set on a college where he can continue to draw and learn more preferably in at a college in the California or New York area.

“I’m aiming to major in fine arts in a college with a good fine arts program,” Kang said. “In the future I do want to go into the entertainment business such as animation or concept art for films and games.”