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Get your popcorn ready for a sizzling summer

Photo courtesy of Olga Engler
This summer is sure to be filled with back to back blockbuster movies such as “Inside Out Two” and “Deadpool: Deadpool and Wolverine.” From dazzling animatics to action-filled CGI, these summer movies will be one to remember.

Warm weather, backyard barbeques, long swims in the pool and last but not least, summer blockbusters. This is the time people can spend time with friends and family in large air-conditioned theaters, taking a break from the heat outside. This summer, many must-see movies are being released. From “Longlegs,” a horror movie, to “Inside Out Two,” an animated movie and “Kinds of Kindness” a comedy/drama movie.

5. Longlegs
The movie trailer showcases a dark, unsettling atmosphere, with strange demonic symbols and a haunting soundtrack. If that is anything to go by, this movie is set for success. “Longlegs” is a horror thriller film written by Osgood Perkins. The movie follows FBI Agent Lee Harker (Maika Monroe) as she investigates an unsolved case involving a serial killer (Nicholas Cage), which takes a turn into the occult and divulges this mystery. This R-rated film (coming out on July 12) is the perfect summer movie to sit in the back of the theater with a bag of popcorn in your hands and an emotional support friend at the ready.

4. Inside Out 2
Arriving in theaters on June 14, main character Riley Anderson (Kensington Tallman) navigates the new feelings and emotions that come with becoming a teenager, with appearances from Joy (Amy Poehler), Anxiety (Maya Hawke) and Envy (Ayo Edebiri) among others. Sequel to the previous movie, “Inside Out,” Anderson grows up from a pre-teen to a teenager. In this animated multicolored world, “Inside Out 2” explores the inner workings and minefield of feelings that is the teenage mind. These new characters are big, colorful and exaggerated. Anxiety has a huge, stretchy mouth and droopy eyes. Ennui (Adéle Exarchpoulous), a new character, is characterized by her droopy lines and purple hue. Embarrassment (Paul Walter Hauser), is large and hulking, perpetually wearing a hoodie. This movie showcases new, interesting characters alongside their old ones, such as Anger, Joy and Sadness.

3. A Quiet Place: Day One
Coming out on June 28, this movie is the prequel and third installment of the series “The Quiet Place.” Monsters roam the streets of New York, attacking anyone who makes a sound and the slightest whisper could lead to your death. “A Quiet Place: Day One” features Eric (Joseph Quinn), Island Man (Djimon Hounsou) and Reuben (Alex Wolff), as they fight for their lives, trying their best to stay alive, while also coming to terms with their grim reality in an abandoned city.

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2. Kinds of Kindness
The trailer was an esoteric mix of Emma Stone’s admittedly awesome dancing skills, random closeups of William Dafoe, a body getting dragged into a room, a sleek sports car driven with a manic intensity and a closeup of an orange being squeezed. This trailer leaves much to the imagination, leaving one to wonder how these seemingly random scenes go together. The synopsis of the movie describes the film as the story of a man attempting to take his own life, a policeman whose wife seems like a different person and a woman looking for someone with special abilities. This movie features star-studded actors like Emma Stone, Hunter Schaefer, William Dafoe and Joe Alwyn. Make sure to watch this comedy/drama movie when it is released in theaters on June 21.

1. Deadpool and Wolverine
Deadpool, of course, is iconic. Who doesn’t love the unhinged, vulgar and fourth-wall-breaking superhero? Deadpool comes back in the third installment of his movie franchise on July 26, accompanied by infamous X-Men member Wolverine (Hugh Jackman). This movie is right up your alley if you love blood, gore, witty dialogue, off-color humor and action-packed scenes. The movie’s premise is that Wolverine is recovering from his injuries, and crosses paths with Deadpool to defeat a common enemy.

As the days get longer and school ends, the temptation to give in and go to a movie theater grows stronger. With this lineup of summer blockbusters, from horror thrillers like “Longleg,” action-packed humor like “Deadpool” and animated movies like “Inside Out 2,” there are movies that appeal to everyone. Don’t miss out on these movies this summer.

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