Attman’s Deli proves to be worthwhile lunch option

By Julia Heimlich, News Editor

Attman’s Delicatessen, the new deli in Cabin John Shopping Center, gives seniors one more local option when choosing a restaurant to eat at during their lunch break.

Attman’s, which has another location in Baltimore, offers a wide variety of fresh meals including deli meat sandwiches, bagels, tuna,  chicken salad, and potato pancakes.

“The service is fast, the food is delicious, and it’s very close to Churchill,” said junior Evan Zelig, who works at Attman’s, which opened in July.

The deli consists of two separate rooms: at the front, food can be ordered at the counter and carried out, and in the back, the food is served by waiters.

According to general manager Mark Walsh, the CHS lunch break is the perfect time for students to come to Attman’s.

“We have a nice, busy breakfast, and then a little lull,” Walsh said. “It’s great that seniors can come in during the quiet period and get served quickly.”

The catered boxed lunches are the perfect way to go for seniors, who are often in need of a quick bite.

“They’re $11.59 and include a sandwich and a drink, potato salad, coleslaw, a bag of chips, and cookies or fruit,” Walsh said.

While the restaurant may be a little on the pricy side for some students, others feel that it is worth it.

According to Leslie Sterling, there is “good service and food with a calm atmosphere.”