County places 50 new security cameras in CHS hallways

With the addition of the cameras, students can now be monitered in almost every part of the school building.

With the addition of the cameras, students can now be monitered in almost every part of the school building.

By Jordan Maser, Features Editor

This past summer at least 50 new security cameras were installed throughout the CHS hallways due to a budget increase in the Division of Safety and Security.

Previously, CHS had only 32 operating security cameras. The new security cameras are smaller and less obvious.

Netcom Technology Inc. technician Tony Pham installed new cameras in CHS this summer.

“They are mainly in hallways and stairways, but classrooms and bathrooms do not have them,” Pham said.

According to CHS security team leader Terry Bell, the cameras are online at all times.

“We have access to footage anytime we need it,” Bell said.

According to assistant principal John Taylor, theft is a common occurrence at CHS, and the new surveillance system assists in monitoring these situations more closely. The cameras allow for footage of other illegal activity happening in the halls as well.

One way to distinguish between the old and new systems is how recordings are accessed.

“With the old system the footage was located in a very secure area that very few people had access to,” Bell said. “With the new system, only pertinent individuals have the capability to access footage by having an account.”

Senior Bridget Bowis is among those who do not believe that the devices are crucial to our safety.

“We are a good school,” Bowis said. “It is not necessary; this is not a bad area. It is not like they are cracking down on anything.”

Some students have taken an opposite stance.

Senior Dominic Singer feels that the installation is beneficial for CHS because the cameras will ultimately lead to a safer environment for students.

“I feel that that they will make the school a much safer place,” Singer said.

According to Bell, all schools in Montgomery County have received funding from the Division of Safety and Security, and most of that money has gone toward new technology like cameras.

“We install cameras in every MCPS high school and middle school,” Pham said. “They’re watchin’ you,” he joked.

In addition to keeping CHS safe, the new surveillance devices are used to crack down on students who skip class.

“We do not have any blind spots like we used to,” Taylor said.