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Travis Scott’s encouragement of recklessness and dangerous acts in his crowds result in hundreds of injuries, starting from his Rodeo Tour in 2015.

Astroworld tragedy sparks questions on concert safety

By Nur Yavuz, Social Media Manager December 1, 2021

What could have been one of the most influential and iconic festivals in the music industry became ranked alongside the most deadly concerts in U.S. history.  The tragic debut of Travis Scott’s Astroworld...

Students line up in the hallway, waiting to get out of the school. The end of school is one of the most risky times for students, as every student in the building lines up to go out the same few exits.

WCHS hallways are not COVID-19 safe

By Jasper Bernstein, Observations Editor October 29, 2021

As a student takes a step in the hallway between periods, they look over and see several students near them, all within six feet of each other. Such is life for WCHS students, and in the rush-hour-esque...

 Stephanie Zoltick wears her helmet before a bike ride. Zoltick prioritizes safety and knows the consequences of riding without a helmet.

Bike accidents skyrocket in lieu of helmet-less riders

By Nur Yavuz, Assistant Observations Editor December 8, 2019

A lesson that is annually drilled into the heads of little kids all across the world: “Wear your helmet while riding your bike to prevent head injury.” However, according to recent studies, the number...

The Comfort Key’s simple design and inconspicuous appearance lends to its ease of use in dangerous situations.

New product provides the key to safety

By Ohio Meshanko, Promotions Manager June 5, 2019

For teens, especially young women, the threat of harassment on the street is a sad reality that many have to live with. Especially when alone, high school girls can be seen as easy targets by people with...

Snow days caused a delay in the promise of increased police presence to enforce traffic laws.

Safety campaign won’t cure traffic woes

By Fiona Asbury, Advertising Manager February 27, 2014

CHS has recently instituted stricter enforcement for the traffic rules and regulations around the school, including a new electronic sign outside the school aimed at improving the safety of students. According...

Students have mixed reactions to armed police officer: Officer vital to safety

Students have mixed reactions to armed police officer: Officer vital to safety

By Dana Harris, Online Features Editor October 1, 2013

Within the past few years, reports of school shootings have flooded the national media.  Too many innocent lives have been cut short by ill individuals.  These incidents may have turned out very differently...

With the addition of the cameras, students can now be monitered in almost every part of the school building.

County places 50 new security cameras in CHS hallways

By Jordan Maser, Features Editor September 25, 2013

This past summer at least 50 new security cameras were installed throughout the CHS hallways due to a budget increase in the Division of Safety and Security. Previously, CHS had only 32 operating security...

Colleges upgrade security, alert systems as students make safety a priority

With the fourth anniversary of the tragic Virginia Tech shootings approaching, the increased attention on college campus security has changed the college experience for many students. In response to the...

Increase in Metro crimes concerns CHS parents

By Dana Youngentob Public Relations March 22, 2011

Some students go downtown for a concert at the Verizon Center, while others go downtown for a nice dinner. No matter the reason, the Metro is a popular mode of transportation to get to a desired location....

Studies question safety of hair straightening treatments

 Many people turn to Keratin Hair Straightening Treatment or Brazilian Blowout to remove frizz and curls from their excessively untamed hair. After hours of sitting through this lengthy process, hair...

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