Students, staff give back during CHS’ Day of Service


Students made over a thousand bagged lunches during the Nov. 16 Day of Service.

By Emilie Plesset, Online Editor-In-Chief

Students gathered in the cafeteria Nov. 16 to give back to the community on the CHS Day of Community Service.

Students and faculty met after school to make sandwiches that were donated to Martha’s Table, a local non-profit organization that helps at-risk and less fortunate individuals and families. The Day of Service was sponsored by the PTSA Character Education and Student Life Committees.

“I am totally impressed with the number of kids who came and how enthusiastic they are,” said Claudia Steiner, parent and chair of the Character Education and Student Life Committee. “We had way more students show up than even signed up. We think we’ve made at least a thousand, probably more than a thousand bagged lunches.”

According to senior Johnny Franceski, a student member of Character Education, the event’s attendance far exceeded what had been anticipated. About 20 students were expected to help out, but almost 100 students showed up.

According to senior Ben Harris, a student member of Character Education, hosting the Day of Community Service at school made it easier for students to gain student service learning credit and see friends after school.

“I came because I needed more community service hours,” freshman Tatiana Hewitt said. “I have enjoyed knowing that people are going to be fed and that I am donating my time to do that instead of watching television.”

The Day of Service is part of a new year-round Character Promotion and Awareness Initiative the PTSA Character Education and Student Life Committees run.

“One thing that Character Education does is provide students the opportunity to be model citizens and in the Day of Community Service activity, to give back to the community,” said assistant school administrator Brandi Richardson.

In addition to the Day of Service, the committee also publicizes the initiative through the Character Education bulletin board outside the cafeteria and by having quotes from influential people read on the Daily Dose. The selected quotes are then displayed on the flat screen televisions throughout the school.

“I find that all the parents and students involved in the committee are dedicated to providing experiences and exposure to all students with the intent to make them better people,” Richardson said.