New safety nets purchased


By By Zoe Forster, Business Manager

 The Booster Club voted Feb. 15 to provide half of the money necessary to purchase safety nets for the stadium field while the Athletic Department will pay the remaining half.

 The safety nets will be used this spring for boys and girls lacrosse and will also be used next fall for boys and girls soccer.

 “These nets catch balls from errant shots,” athletic director David Kelley said. “This is more of a convenience for soccer, but they will also provide safety during lacrosse games.”

 According to CHS parent Nancy Shapiro, who is the Booster Club representative for girls soccer, Kelley spoke with schools in the area that buy safety nets from Hot Bed Lacrosse in Penn Yan, NY.

 “We looked at a number of options that varied in quality and price,” Kelley said. “I made the recommendation for the netting we purchased, and the Booster Club agreed to share the cost of this purchase.”

 According to Marry Ellen Mengucci, the Booster Club’s communications representative, boys lacrosse coach Jeffrey Fritz was the first to look into buying nets. Fritz was concerned about safety, as the players have been making more powerful shots in the past few years. Once Fritz found the system he wanted to use he contacted the Booster Club to see if they could help pay for it.

 “For boys lacrosse we’re mainly concerned with safety,” Fritz said. “The safety nets are perfect because it benefits eight teams.”

 Although Fritz was the first to look into the nets, Kelley was also interested six years ago when he became the boys soccer coach.

 “The safety nets will help save time in the games because we spend a lot of the time chasing the balls when they go out of bounds,” junior lacrosse player Kevin Hann said.

 According to Shapiro, the nets will greatly reduce the number of ball girls needed at the soccer games and make it unnecessary for coaches and players to chase stray balls. For lacrosse, the nets will prevent lost balls from escaping the main field area and protect spectators and players from fast-moving shots.

 “I think it’s a great idea to put safety nets around the goal,” senior lacrosse player Alex Fox said. “It will definitely allow more time for practicing instead of running after every shot. This little difference could save a lot of time by the end of the season.”