Coed volleyball takes new roster into season


Senior Kenny Hwang spikes the ball during a scrimmage. The team is welcoming players who played boys volleyball last year.

By By Matt Raab, Production Editor

 Although the coed volleyball team’s roster saw an influx of new players at the start of the season, individual experience is expected to make up for a lack of teamwide familiarity and has given the team raised expectations heading into the first matches of the season.

 “A lot of boys came over from boys to coed like senior Kevin Teng, senior Scott Hallock, and senior Raymond Li,” junior Carina Graham said. “So we’ll have a really strong offensive team this year.”

Graham is one of several girls on the team who plays coed during the spring after playing girls volleyball during the fall.

Many former boys volleyball players have made the decision to play on coed instead of boys volleyball this season, as they are interested in combining their skills with the skills of the girls to create a strong team.

“We have a lot of experienced players,” said Hallock, one of the athletes moving over to coed. “There are some pretty athletic people trying out for coed.”

This transition from boys to coed does not require major adjustment for veteran players. Technical differences exist between coed and boys volleyball, but the basic structure of the game remains the same.

“You have to have three girls on the court, and one girl has to touch the ball each time it crosses the net,” Hallock said. “Coed is more focused on the thought going into it.”

The team had a mediocre overall performance in the 2010-11 season, finishing with a 7-5 record. It hopes and expects to improve upon that record in the upcoming season, with a new roster and under coach Michael Endler.

“We have a strong front and a strong defense,” Hallock said. “But we need to communicate as a team. This is a pretty big change.”