Here are this year’s Senior Superlatives!
1. Best Smile: Mariah Healy and Evan Tassis
2. Best Personality: Jeanette Perthel and Marcus Brown
3. Most Stylish: Arleigh Banner and Alex Zohore
4. Best Class Project Partner: Jasmine Siudzinski and Julian Debenedetti
5. Class Clown: Jeanette Perthel and Zach Davis
6. Best Physique: Julia Bell and Chase Williams
7. Cutest Couple: Janey Asher and Peter Liakakis
8. Cutest Couple That Never Was: Alexis Shay and Matt Senker
9. Most Talkative: Ronke Obayomi and Sam Gross
10. Biggest Flirt: Ashley Lin and Chase Williams
11.Most Athletic: Alexis Shay and Jesse Simon
12. Most Spirited Bulldog: Jamie Oppenheimer and Bharat Bhatia
13.Funniest Laugh: Emma Levitt and Leo Wang
14. Most Changed since Freshman year: Olivia Vassilas and Michael Mainwaring
15. Most Huggable: Jessica DeMayo and Josh Salton
16. Senior with the Loudest Rant: Ronke Obayomi and Bharat Bhatia
17. Most Likely to Be Famous: Ariana Nasseri and Josh Coyne
18. Mr. & Miss Sunshine: Shairah Muwwakkils and Evan Tassis
19. Best to Take Home To Mom & Dad: Danielle Collins and Bret Johnson
20. Most Artistic: Chandler Amoroso and Alex Zohore
21. Most Likely to become President: Jamie Oppenheimer and Ben Kramer
22. Best Car: Lauren Barber and John Choi
23. Gossip Girl & Guy: Noor Judeh and Bradley Rotter
24. Best Hair:
Ishi Malhotra and Georges Hermes
25. Mr. & Miss Gym Rat: Camille Bachrach and Chris Maino
27. Drama Queen & King: Nikki Banner and Ryan Gowling
28. Class Mooch: Andi Mirviss and Armin Bagheri
29. Most Likely to be checking their Facebook right now: Julia Bell and Bradley Rotter
30. Most Likely to be Late For Graduation: Jamie Crowley and Nick Gutschmit