Gifford’s chain closes after serving imposter ice cream

By By Dana Youngentob, Public Relations

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All of the Gifford’s Ice Cream stores have been shut down due to an investigation which revealed the sale of Hood ice cream, a grocery store brand, inside the Chevy Chase Gifford’s store this summer.
According to an Oct. 23 Washington Post article, Neal Lieberman, Gifford’s wholesale business owner, went to the Chevy Chase store where he discovered that instead of receiving the original Gifford’s brand, he was served Hood ice cream. The discovery shocked customers, including students and other ice cream stores. 

“I am shocked and a little disgusted that Gifford’s would do that,” Bethesda Haagen Dazs manager Kee Vanetts said.
Lieberman proceeded to sue Gifford’s new owner, Luke Cooper. Cooper, an investor from Baltimore, has owned the retail shops ever since Lieberman sold the retail side of the business to focus solely on wholesale. While Lieberman blames Cooper for the Hood ice cream scandal, Cooper has countersued. Gifford’s Ice Cream and Candy Co. did not return multiple requests for an interview.
Many customers criticized Cooper’s control of Gifford’s for some time before the discovery.
 According to a consumer review website,, customers have complained about unsanitary conditions, lack of flavors, high prices and broken machinery.
 Students who go to Haagen Dazs Ice Cream on Woodmont Avenue in Bethesda will receive a dollar off any dessert if they mention the Gifford’s closings.