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Here are your 2010 Senior Superlatives!

Best Looking
Shannen Olan
Cameron Kidwell

Best Smile
Sara Habibi
Harris Fanaroff

Best Personality
Pam Vranis
Bryce Shemer

Freshest Dresser
Roya Shariat
Jonathan Kan

Most Likely to Become a Billionaire
Alex Stanton
Jack Shu

Biggest Ego
Kamie Krawford
Jake Dockser

Hardest Worker
Allison Bloom
James Blum

Next American Idol
Shelby Sykes
Josh Simon

Class Clown
Molly Fitzgerald
Brian Sun

Most Unique
Ellery Weil
Ranjit Bawa

Best Body
Paige Butler
Brett Schweitzer

Cutest Couple
Izze Reyes
Cody Egan

Cutest Couple that Never Was
Pam Gorgei
John Klein

Most Talkative
Jenna Gilgore
Ryan Schlesinger

Life of the Party
Emily Olusanya
Joe Klein

Biggest Flirt
Anousha Nik
Patrick Emad

Best Athlete
Zoe Kabelac
Matt Risk

Most Spirited
Meenu Singh
Michael Brown

Funniest Laugh
Ann Katherine Chernenckoff
Darrel Humphries

Most Changed Since Freshman Year
Zara Cheema
Danny Dalrymple

Most Huggable
Alex Maio
Jorge Pacheco

Most Likely to Throw a Chair on Jerry Springer
Emily Olusanya
Will Ellis

Most Likely to Brighten Your Day
Perle N’Komu
Brian Sun

Best To Take Home to Mom and Dad
Pam Vranis
Bryce Shemer

Most Likely to Become President
Meenu Singh
Lawrence Yen

Most Talented
Shelby Sykes
Josh Simon

Best Car
Saba Tabriz
Kholer Brafford

Biggest Gossiper
Jake Dockser

Worst Case of Senioritis
Samar Ayyub
Brendan Wilde

Best Nicknames
Christina Eum
Big John

If you would prefer that you name be removed from this list, please email the Observer– [email protected]

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