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Amazon Wardrobe feature facilitates flexible shopping

Amazon Wardrobe feature facilitates flexible shopping

By Brandon Li and Joe Rab

October 18, 2018

Do you want to buy new clothes, but do not have time to try anything on? Do you wish you could order online items and only pay if you decide to keep them? Amazon Wardrobe might be your answer to these questions. Amazon Wardrobe, Amazon’s latest addition to its enterprise, began in late June. The...

Local boutique is alternative for latest styles

By Brittany Goodman, Features Editor

April 30, 2012

If going to the latest boutiques in Georgetown, Bethesda or even a mall do not satisfy your needs, it is time to try Barbie B, a fashion-forward boutique full of new and trendy accessories perfect for prom or even a graduation gift. No matter what the occasion, Barbie B has an assortment of affordable...

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