Amazon Wardrobe feature facilitates flexible shopping


Brandon Li

Amazon now offers a free try on clothing initiative known as Amazon Wardrobe. Customers have the ability to order up to eight articles of clothing per order and try them on for a week, completely free of charge.

By Brandon Li and Joe Rab

Do you want to buy new clothes, but do not have time to try anything on? Do you wish you could order online items and only pay if you decide to keep them? Amazon Wardrobe might be your answer to these questions.

Amazon Wardrobe, Amazon’s latest addition to its enterprise, began in late June. The company is notorious for its online shopping market, but with Wardrobe, customers are now able to order, try on and return clothes free of charge.

“The idea of being able to try on clothes in the comfort of my house is great,” senior Justin Chui said.
Covered by the cost of a Prime Membership, Wardrobe is one of the many amenities available to Prime members. With the ability to try on all sorts of clothes without having to pay upfront, Wardrobe is convenient for the everyday customer.

“With more options online versus shopping in stores, Amazon Wardrobe would make it easier for me to buy clothes,” senior Charlie Butchko said.

Wardrobe offers thousands of different clothes available for customers to try on. After a customer selects up to eight clothing items to try on, Amazon will ship the package within four to six business days. Once the customer receives the package, they have seven days to try on and return the clothes using the included shipping label before their accounts are charged for the ordered items.

“Usually, I do not like online shopping because it takes longer for the clothes to arrive and it costs to ship the clothes I do not want back,” Butchko said. “Since Wardrobe is free, it is something that I will definitely consider using.”

Prior to programs such as Wardrobe, customers would have to walk into a retail store to try on clothes. However, Wardrobe allows customers to order and try on clothes in the comfort of their homes. With customers able to try on clothes without having to shop at a retail store, the added convenience and flexibility will create competition between online and retail stores.

According to a June 20 USA Today article, other companies such as Stitch Fix and Nordstrom’s Trunk Club already offer programs similar to Wardrobe, which adds even more competition between online and retail stores.

Amazon Wardrobe has a wide variety of clothes for everyone. Some options include button-down shirts and athletic wear for men, dresses and jeans for women women and sneakers and accessories for children.

“I think it is a good idea and it follows the trend of Trunk Club and other businesses that are making it easier and more efficient for people to obtain clothing without having to spend hours at stores,” senior Christine Park said.

The ability to try on and return clothes could be helpful to CHS students, especially around homecoming, when finding the right clothes to wear can be stressful.

“I would probably try it out to see if clothes are in good quality, and if it is I definitely would use it,” Park said.

With a relatively hassle-free method of shopping for clothes, Amazon Wardrobe hopes to revolutionize the way people buy clothes today.