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Homecoming week improvements boost school spirit

Mr. Rosenthal, David Miskin, and Jay Wood pose with an American flag in spirit of USA day.

By Charley Hutton, Advertising and Subscriptions Manager

November 12, 2019

Cowboys are wandering the halls on Wednesday. Captain America is eating in the cafeteria on Friday. The only time of the year that it is socially acceptable to wear pajamas to school has arrived: Homecoming Spirit Week. This year, vast improvements were made in regards to getting people hyped for spi...

Homecoming planning stresses WCHS students

The WCHS Senior class of 2019 works hard on their homecoming mural with their “back to the past” theme.

By Kathy Hu, Online Editor

October 11, 2019

Homecoming is an event that garnishes a lot of attention every year; the flashy skits and the colorful murals hung up around the halls of WCHS help get students in the homecoming spirit. While this is a time of excitement and celebration, to many members of SGA, homecoming is the most stressful time of t...

Let the coin wars begin

Let the coin wars begin

By Julia McDermott, Sports Editor

October 3, 2013

SGA officers walking around with big painted jugs asking for money can only mean one thing--the annual coin war has started at CHS. In an epic battle between the classes, each grade competes to raise the most money before the time runs out at the end of homecoming week. The class that wins the coin...

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