Homecoming week improvements boost school spirit


Courtesy of Churchill SGA instagram

Mr. Rosenthal, David Miskin, and Jay Wood pose with an American flag in spirit of USA day.

By Charley Hutton, Advertising and Subscriptions Manager

Cowboys are wandering the halls on Wednesday. Captain America is eating in the cafeteria on Friday. The only time of the year that it is socially acceptable to wear pajamas to school has arrived: Homecoming Spirit Week. This year, vast improvements were made in regards to getting people hyped for spirit days. 

The WCHS SGA went all out to make this homecoming the best one yet with trivia, an extended pep-rally, gym games and more. In each second period class, the leadership class asked one randomly selected student a challenging question about WCHS. For each correct answer, the student won points for their grade. 

Bringing back memories of our childhood, there was a game of Hungry-Hungry Hippo in the gym. Not only was this a game that everybody could enjoy, but it was a chance to win more points for each class. This was also a great way to increase school spirit.

Leadership also stopped by each class to count how many students were dressed up in spirit gear for the week. This challenged students to go out of their way to display their school spirit. This had never been done before and showcased the great improvements in school spirit this year. 

On Friday, there was a longer than normal pep-rally. Each class performed their skit, displayed their mural, and showed off their float. The classes competed for points. This was a great way to increase school spirit and get all students full of Bulldog pride. Boys Poms, or “Boms,” worked hard in preparation for the pep-rally. They performed a routine that was choreographed by the Girls Poms team. 

Everywhere you looked, there were students showing off their school spirit. This was different than previous years, and did wonders for school unity. It brought WCHS closer together as each class is worked together to win and earn points for their grade, something that was beautiful and long overdue.