Homecoming planning stresses WCHS students


Courtsey of Churchill SGA Instagram

The WCHS Senior class of 2019 works hard on their homecoming mural with their “back to the past” theme.

By Kathy Hu, Online Editor

Homecoming is an event that garnishes a lot of attention every year; the flashy skits and the colorful murals hung up around the halls of WCHS help get students in the homecoming spirit. While this is a time of excitement and celebration, to many members of SGA, homecoming is the most stressful time of the year. 

Every year, each grade spends weeks leading up to the dance working on their respective murals and skits. This consists of both lunch and after school sessions in a race against time to get everything done in a short period of time. SGA and the Executive Board of each grade work together to come up with a skit and mural idea. 

This year, the overall theme for the skit and mural themes across the grades is universes. The freshmen’s theme is Disney, the sophomores’ theme is Harry Potter, the juniors’ theme is Star Wars, and the seniors’ theme is Marvel. 

“The most stressful thing about preparing for the skits and mural is getting everything together and finding a good time to get everyone together,” senior Nikka Givpoor said. 

The relatively early homecoming date, compared to the Nov. 3 date of last year, creates added pressure for the SGA members getting ready for the festivities.

“Every year I feel like we are on a time crunch to finish our mural and skit,” junior Cat Gilligan said.

The skits feature approximately 20-30 students from each grade, including handmade props and DIY costumes. The skits are performed at the homecoming pep rally and eventually one grade is deemed the winner and gets ultimate bragging rights. 

The murals are painted on large sheets of paper and are entirely sketched, traced and colored by students. These murals are hung up around the school in various spots assigned to each grade to further increase the spirit of the school in the weeks leading up to homecoming. 

“My favorite thing is seeing all of our hard work finally come together into something that is memorable and something that we can look back on a laugh about,” Givpoor said. 

While the football game and dance may be the most memorable parts of the weekend for some students, the hours of hard work put in by SGA and executive board to perfect the skit and murals should not be overlooked.