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Climate change disproportionately discriminates against racial minorities

A couple climate activists of color attend and hold signs at a climate change march. One of the signs importantly states

By Quinn Cook, News Editor

June 23, 2020

In a time of increased awareness in America surrounding the abhorrently unjust conditions of systemic and institutionalized racism, it is important to shine light on the many issues that disproportionately affect the African American community and are not getting the attention they deserve. This article seek...

Fast fashion is hurting the earth at an alarmingly rapid rate

Photo by Miranda Chung.

By Miranda Chung, Copy Editor

March 3, 2020

With the earth’s average temperature rising annually, young people all over the world are leading the fight against climate change and global warming. From using metal straws to building composts to going vegan, many are changing their habits in the attempt of living a more sustainable and environm...

Climate change has greater effects than most know

By Laura Sneller, Opinions Editor

April 9, 2018

Climate change is an issue that has been in the spotlight for several years now, and has been continuously affecting the world’s weather patterns. However, what is not as well-known is how it affects a certain demographic of people--specifically, women. It is easy to dismiss this problem as one...

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