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Sophomores win Churchill’s Got Talent

By Fatima Yazdi, Social Media Editor

January 9, 2018

The crowd roars in applause as the performer walk up onto the stage. A single spotlight is placed center stage, he holds the mike up to his face and begins to sing. From comedic acts to bhangra dancing, CHS has got it all. This year’s Churchill’s Got Talent has been one unlike any other, featuring...

Freshmen girl trio wins Churchill’s Got Talent

Freshmen girl trio wins Churchill's Got Talent

By Guransh Singh, Online OPinions Editor

February 27, 2014

This year's Churchill's Got Talent winners were Donna Dadkhoo, Frannie Phillips and Ellie Lavery. These three talented freshmen have never formally been taught how to sing, but have each spent countless hours rehearsing their vocal talents in the shower. Whether with friends, family or complete strangers,...

J.A.W.A.N.J.A. wins Churchill’s Got Talent

February 1, 2010

The Observer sits down with Churchill's Got Talent winner, band J.A.W.A.N.J.A. for an exclusive interview: J-Josh Coyne A-Alex Leventer W-Will Mulhern A-Amin Stephenson N-Nadim Elhage J-John Klien A-Andrew Shebest What did your group do to prepare for your win? We practiced for a mont...

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