Sophomores win Churchill’s Got Talent

By Fatima Yazdi, Social Media Editor

The crowd roars in applause as the performer walk up onto the stage. A single spotlight is placed center stage, he holds the mike up to his face and begins to sing.

From comedic acts to bhangra dancing, CHS has got it all. This year’s Churchill’s Got Talent has been one unlike any other, featuring students with a variety of talents including singing, rapping, dancing, and even a comedic act.

“The difference this year is that we’re trying to involve everyone we possibly can and have as much variety as possible,” senior Precious Melchizedek said.

Melchizedek is a previous winner of Churchill’s Got Talent and helped organize, conduct and judge the show. She also surprised the audience with a cover of Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You.”

English teacher and Churchill’s got Talent judge Shelley Perrett coordinated and organized the show alongside Melchizedek. “I think it’s great for the kids to actually be able to show their talents, and show that their hard work and practice pays off,” Perrett said. “The show is also a nice break from academics.”
There was a variety of talents at the show and the judges voted and decided on the winners. Sophomores Marshall Harner and Pavan Sastry performed a duet of the song “I Fall Apart” by Post Malone. With both of them playing guitar and Harner’s wonderful singing voice, the judges were impressed and awarded them with first place.

“Marshall and I initially wanted to audition for Churchill’s got talent because we wanted to showcase our talent of singing and playing guitar to our friends and classmates,” Sastry said.

Harner has been singing since the age of five and playing guitar since the age of seven.

According to Marshall, his“personal favorite part was hearing someone scream ‘yeah Marshall’ from the top of their lungs from the back of the theatre.”

One of the most unique acts of the night was a group of four girls performing a bhangra dance, a traditional punjabi style of dance, but with their own modern hip-hop twist. Some of the girls had come out from different high school’s to perform.

Senior Hana Mangat grew up doing Bhangra for parties and family gatherings. She and her friends formed royal Bhangra two years ago and have been a team ever since. They’ve performed at local high schools, cultural programs and restaurant openings.

“My favorite part about doing Bhangra is how energetic it is,” Mangat said. “Backstage, we could all be exhausted and sick, but as soon as the muck turns on and we hit the stage, the adrenaline takes over.”
Whether it be singing, dancing, or anything in between, CHS has definitely got talent.