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Take a break from your boring, morning meal

Senior Alexandra Conway loves her homemade chia pudding.

By Arielle Gordon, Arts Editor

September 29, 2015

The scent of a good, hot breakfast might be the only thing that “egg”cites you to get out of bed every morning. For many, a typical breakfast consists of eggs, toast or cereal, but for some CHS students, breakfast is made up of less traditional foods. “For breakfast, I will sometimes have...

Breakfast is key to staying alert during the day

By Olivia Parven Contest Manager

September 2, 2010

Everyone has experienced a rush in the morning when breakfast is forgotten and the stomach is letting out huge growls. Eating a healthy breakfast in the morning keeps teens full until lunch, and can even help them focus better in school.  People say breakfast is the most important meal of the day because in reality...

Crêpe Amour brings lovely eats to Georgetown

By Amna Farooqi, News Editor

June 3, 2010

It seems for every good breakfast food, there is a place to go to get it. For pancakes, there’s IHOP. Cereal: The Cereal Bowl. Omelets…err, you get the point. But what about crêpes? It seems this delicious breakfast food is often forgotten, but crêpe lovers should worry no more. There’s a new...

Flood at Eggo factory results in waffle crisis

By Alec Fanaroff, Staff Writer and Sophia Tapper, Staff Writer

January 5, 2010

In a long list of shortages our nation is facing, including jobs and money, we are in the midst of yet another crisis–The Great Eggo Shortage of 2009. According its website, the Kellogg Company recently experienced supply constraints due to flood damage in their bakery in Atlanta. “The [people]...

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