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Crêpe Amour brings lovely eats to Georgetown

It seems for every good breakfast food, there is a place to go to get it. For pancakes, there’s IHOP. Cereal: The Cereal Bowl. Omelets…err, you get the point. But what about crêpes? It seems this delicious breakfast food is often forgotten, but crêpe lovers should worry no more. There’s a new place to fulfill crêpe cravings: Crêpe Amour.

Located in Old Georgetown, this quaint restaurant serves just three purposes: to offer a place where one can relax, drink some coffee and eat crêpes. Recently opened in February, Crêpe Amour gives off a café vibe, with just a few small tables where customers can read the paper or use their laptop. It’s essentially a less generic Starbucks with a French twist.

According to chef and owner Surag Gopi, the idea for a restaurant solely devoted to crêpes came from the city of Paris. He wanted to recreate the coffee-place vibe, and Georgetown seemed the perfect location to do so.

Crêpe Amour offers a variety of dishes and serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. With over 20 choices of crêpes, the customer can choose between savory ones such as macaroni and cheese crêpes, chicken crêpes, ham crêpes, turkey and bacon crêpes, or sweet ones such as the classic hazelnut chocolate and strawberries crêpe served with ice cream and whipped cream.

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“Our only interest is selling good crêpes,” Gopi said. “[We have] original, great recipes.”

Each crêpe is made with organic flour and natural ingredients, right in front of the customer. The toppings range from cheese to chocolate chips, all for 50 cents, and each crêpe is made as quick as possible with a wait no longer than five to ten minutes depending on the crêpe. There is also an espresso bar next to the counter with enough coffee, both hot and cold, to send any addict into extreme euphoria.

According to Gopi, the most popular savory crêpe is the DaVinci, made of shredded chicken, basil pesto, tomatoes and mozzarella cheese. The most popular sweet crêpe is the Carnivále, made of hazelnut chocolate, strawberries, bananas and whipped cream.

At first glance, some of the savory crêpes may not seem appetizing. A crêpe with spiced potatoes, green peas and cranberry sauce does not exactly sound as good as a crêpe with Reese’s crumbles, peanut butter and chocolate syrup does. But after tasting them, it is hard to decide which is more delicious. The variety of the crêpes makes the idea of a crêpe restaurant much more appealing, and it’s also what will keep the restaurant in business.

Crêpe Amour will soon expand their menu beyond just crêpes.

“[We have plans to] open a sports bar upstairs [and to] sell chicken wings,” Gopi said. “We’ll also sell vegetarian dishes.”

While the food of Crêpe Amour is very presentable and tasty, the setting of the restaurant is not quite as enticing. The entrance is small, inconspicuous and easily passable. Inside, there are only a couple of tables, which is uncomfortable because Crêpe Amour receives a lot of business, resulting in a tiring and slightly irritating line. There is an upstairs, however, which is more open and relaxed where one can sit and enjoy the food. Complete with a sofa, a bar and several flat screens showing MTV, the place is a magnet for young college students.

The décor is a little drab and the lighting is not so great, but Crêpe Amour is ultimately a more than decent place to eat. What it lacks in setting it definitely makes up for in the taste of the food. While it may seem heavy at first, customers will definitely be craving it again in a few hours.

The prices at Crêpe Amour are reasonable, ranging from $4–8. For the quantity and quality of the food served, it is a pretty great deal.

Crêpe Amour is located at 3291 M Street NW in Georgetown, and is open from 9 a.m. to midnight daily.

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Crêpe Amour brings lovely eats to Georgetown