Faceoff- pros are superior athletes

When you hear of players like Tyler Hansbrough, Adam Morrison, J.J. Redick and Christian Laettner you think of college superstars, but when these players jump to the NBA, you think of bench warmers.

These college players, turn into benchwarmers when they reach the NBA because NCAA players compared to NBA players, are less experienced, less athletic and less skilled. Therefore, the NBA is more entertaining than the NCAA.

The competition is just not as strong in the NCAA. For example, when North Carolina-Asheville played at Tennessee this season they lost horribly 124-49. Blowouts are not only boring to watch but they are frequent in the NCAA, while in the NBA, blowouts do not occur as often because the average game is higher scoring, closer and has more energy.

One reason the NBA has more energy than the NCAA is because the NBA has superstars like Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Dwayne Wade and Dwight Howard. These NBA high fliers make games more interesting as they have the ability to create unbelievable plays that college players would never be able to perform.

The NBA is also more balanced than the NCAA because the NCAA gives select teams unfair advantages. For example, each NBA team plays the same number of home and away games in a season; college teams do not.

This season, the Duke Blue Devils went 13-1 in their first 14 games, their only loss being the only away game in the 14-game stretch. Watching college basketball is less fun knowing teams like Duke, who are given unfair advantages, are favored over other teams.

Compared to college basketball, the NBA playoffs are done more fairly. A team makes the NBA playoffs based on its record. A team gets into the NCAA Tournament by winning a conference tournament or if the team is voted as one of the top teams in the nation.

The NCAA has a worse style for the playoffs because a team might have played a great season with a solid record, but not make the NCAA Tournament because they are not considered a top team.

Players in the NCAA are shorter and not as strong as NBA players, which is why the NBA has more exciting plays, better dunks and more alley oops. Not only are the players shorter, but the NCAA has shorter games, a shorter season, shorter playoffs and shorter fans. The NBA has a longer season with more action packed games and better playoffs, making the organization more entertaining.