Seniors enjoy annual banquet


Seniors Claudia Barnett, Shelley Austin and Jackie Dosik enjoy their evening at the Senior Banquet.

By Ana Faguy, News Editor

CHS seniors gathered at the Marriott Bethesda North Hotel and Conference Center for the annual Senior Banquet May 1. The event included a meal, an awards ceremony and a slideshow.

Through the organization of the Class of 2014 Executive Board and their advisor Shelly Perrett, the seniors enjoyed a fun filled night spent with their class.

“Banquet is special because it is one of the last times everyone as a class will be together in one place in a social setting where we can all talk and see each other,” senior Claudia Barnett said. “We have been with most of these people in school our entire lives, so it is nice to be able to be in the same place with all of them and really have time and the right environment to get to talk to everyone you want and take pictures. Everyone is together celebrating what we have done all these years.”

Like with homecoming and prom, many seniors began their evening by getting ready with a group of friends.

According to senior Mara Zankman, getting ready with friends was a giant bonding experience.

Following dinner the seniors were treated to a slideshow of high school memories created by officers of Class of 2014 Executive Board.

“My favorite part was the montage because it was fun to see all the old pictures and fun to see all the events from our years in high school and remembering all these different things that happened,” Barnett said.

After the slideshow finished, the senior superlatives began. Last week the seniors voted on each superlative ranging from best physique, to most changed since freshman year and even best car.

“My favorite award was cutest couple because the couple that won, Morgen Lewis and David Fasano, are amazing together,” Zankman said. “They make everyone feel happy by just looking at them.”

By the end of the night the seniors passed yet another one of their senior year milestones.

“I  think that part of what makes it special is the tradition of it and it’s crazy to think that it’s your turn to go to Senior Banquet,” senior Eve Jaffe said.