Students honor Nachu Bhatnagar at lunch memorial

Students honor Nachu Bhatnagar at lunch memorial

By Julia Greenzaid, Online Breaking News Editor

CHS students and staff gathered in the auditorium for senior Nachu Bhatnagar’s memorial service at lunch April 10.

The CHS community connected through laughter and tears as friends, relatives and teachers honored Nachu by sharing their memories of him. As a slideshow of Nachu’s life played in the background, several of Nachu’s friends and family gave eulogies.

“He had this way of making people come together and think,” senior Andrew Vargo said.

Senior Josh Samson also reflected on Nachu’s effect on his peers.

“He’s the type of man who could have never met you, but who could move you,” Samson said. “He’s someone who did more things in his 18 years than most of us will do in all of our lives.”

CHS social studies teachers Adam Field and Christopher Forney offered their memories of Nachu as a student in their classes.

“There were several days Nachu knew the content better than I,” Forney said. “You were loved by many and you will be deeply missed.”

Senior Jenna Cantor urged the audience to remember Nachu.

“Everyone please remember to live your life double,” Cantor said. “One for you and one for Nachu.”

Nachu’s sister junior Gauri Bhatnagar inspired the audience as she spoke fondly of her brother.

“Although I am sad I don’t feel absolutely crummy,” Gauri said. “I am relieved and happy that he is in a better place with my dad and without pain and he is still watching over us. I will always love him and there will never be a day I don’t think about him.”

Nachu’s life was also honored as students wrote messages of sympathy and thoughts about Nachu on posters upon entering the auditorium.

The ceremony concluded with senior Luke Pereles playing an original piano piece dedicated to Nachu.

Following the ceremony, students and staff gathered outside the CHS auditorium to plant a tree in memory of Nachu. The tree will serve as an everlasting reminder of the impact Nachu had on the CHS community.