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Dribbling a basketball towards a defender, Zack Mantz (left) plays basketball during his freetime at Cabin John Middle School against some of his closest friends.

WCHS students find creative ways to spend their free time

By Justin Greenzaid, Assistant Sports Editor October 13, 2020

From wanting to go to your favorite sports games to being optimistic about finding a store that has Lysol in stock, Covid-19 has made life significantly more challenging. There are many pressing matters...

Meet the Friends 20 Years Later

Meet the ‘Friends’ 20 Years Later

By Katie Clem and Pablo Roa October 24, 2014

In an ever-growing entertainment world, TV shows can be viewed at the touch of a finger. It is often difficult for people to single out a show that has made a difference in their lives. However, for many...

Students honor Nachu Bhatnagar at lunch memorial

Students honor Nachu Bhatnagar at lunch memorial

By Julia Greenzaid, Online Breaking News Editor April 10, 2012

CHS students and staff gathered in the auditorium for senior Nachu Bhatnagar’s memorial service at lunch April 10. The CHS community connected through laughter and tears as friends, relatives and...

Facebook takes stalking to a whole new level

By Staff Columnist, Charles Cook October 24, 2011

You listen intently while two kids you do not know converse about their insane weekend. You then spy over another girl’s shoulder as she shows her friend her new pictures from spring break. You finish...

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