The play’s the thing for elementary school students visiting CHS

By Jamie Lescht, Arts Editor

Students from Rock Creek Forest Elementary School and Crest Haven Elementary School came to CHS Jan. 30 to see CHS students perform Peggy and the Pint Size Pirates.

According to drama teacher Lynda Scionti, the elementary school students were doing a unit on plays but did not have enough money to purchase a ticket to see a professional performance.

“Most students have never even seen a play,” Scionti said.

The CHS actors onstage performed the play for the elementary school students and then answered any questions the students had afterwards.

According to Scionti, she loved seeing the students’ reactions during the play and hearing their comments after.

During the question and answer portion after the show, one of the Rock Creek Forest students raised her hand to tell the participating students that the play “was so amazing” and they did an incredible job.