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Assembly warns seniors ‘Better to be Safe than Sorry’

Assembly warns seniors 'Better to be Safe than Sorry'

By Jamie Lescht, Senior Writer

April 30, 2014

With the notorious prom and beach week creeping up on students, CHS is working to raise drug and alcohol awareness through a new campaign that teaches seniors that it is “Better to be Safe than Sorry.” Local psychiatrist Susan Rich started The Better Safe Than Sorry (BSTS) campaign in order to...

The play’s the thing for elementary school students visiting CHS

By Jamie Lescht, Arts Editor

January 30, 2013

Students from Rock Creek Forest Elementary School and Crest Haven Elementary School came to CHS Jan. 30 to see CHS students perform Peggy and the Pint Size Pirates. According to drama teacher Lynda Scionti, the elementary school students were doing a unit on plays but did not have enough money to...

Imagine Dragons stumbles but shows promise

By Jamie Lescht, Arts Editor

November 7, 2012

 The upcoming band Imagine Dragons released their debut album Night Visions Sept. 4, providing an alternative indie sound that contrasts with present mainstream music. The album starts with "Radioactive," a song with an interesting  and unique sound. "Radioactive" begins with a chorus of guitars strumm...

Facing Phobias

By Jamie Lescht, Arts Editor

May 18, 2012

Sophomore Jamie Bonan lives in constant fear of a simple object: a balloon. Instead of being able to turn her head away at the sight of this inflatable item, she begins to panic and loses her composure. This is no normal fear, it is known as a phobia. The term phobia is generally associated with words like claustrop...

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