Mock Trial seeks success in playoffs

The Mock Trial team began competing against other schools on Feb. 16 at the Rockville Courthouse. So far, they have a 1-1 record and must receive two more wins to participate in the playoffs.

“We prepare for the Maryland State Bar Association Statewide High School Mock Trial Competition,” team captain Sam Jones said. “During the regular season we have four trials.”

In order to prepare for the trials, the team meets on the weekends at one of the member’s houses.

“We look over our case and think of points that support the prosecution or the defense,” Jones said. “We eventually develop arguments and put them into direct and cross examinations.”

The team of 14 consists of six lawyers, six witnesses and two alternates. Tryouts are required to be a member on the team.

“We have 2 rounds of tryouts to fill the gaps left by seniors who graduated,” Jones said. “We look at speaking skills, preparation, and the ability to think quickly.”

In the past two years, CHS has finished its regular season with a 4-0 record, but has lost in the first round.

“Our season has been ok so far,” Jones said. “We lost our first trial by 1 point but came back strong our second trial and crushed them. In the past, Richard Montgomery has been our toughest competitor. Our next trial will be against BCC, which should be a difficult match to win.”