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Homecoming planning stresses WCHS students

The WCHS Senior class of 2019 works hard on their homecoming mural with their “back to the past” theme.

By Kathy Hu, Online Editor

October 11, 2019

Homecoming is an event that garnishes a lot of attention every year; the flashy skits and the colorful murals hung up around the halls of WCHS help get students in the homecoming spirit. While this is a time of excitement and celebration, to many members of SGA, homecoming is the most stressful time of t...

Friendship between teachers strengthens WCHS community

Amanda Marshall (right) and Erin Brown (left) have been friends at WCHS for almost 13 years, and enjoy many afterschool activites together

By Ela Jalil, Assistant News Editor

October 8, 2019

Friendships are said to reduce stress, prevent loneliness and provide support through tough situations. At WCHS, students are not the only people who need friends.  When teachers find someone in the building that shares similar interests, is in a situation similar to theirs or someone they have a ...

Moving up from JV teams to varsity teams brings students excitement

Many students begin on JV teams and move up to varsity teams as their skills improve.

By Hannah Zozobrado, Arts Editor

June 6, 2019

Most WCHS students grow up playing with their siblings, from biking together to playing random sports, but sometimes those sports can become an even bigger part of  their future. For junior Cammy Buckingham, she started off as a goalie for the sake of her older family members to practice their of...

Do AP exams mark the end of your AP class?

AP tests take place in late may and many students spend the weeks leading up to their exams studying.

By Kathy Hu, Online Editor

June 6, 2019

AP exams are widely accepted as the culminating final exam to test how well you know the material from an AP course. But to many students, AP exams signal the end of the class.   All classes are scheduled to last until the end of the school year, but as AP classes are widely regarded as “test p...

Delays in college applications add to the pressure

The college application process is stressful and contains lots of forms to fill out, and being required to wait only adds to that stress.

By Ohio Meshanko, Promotions Manager

June 6, 2019

The college application process is long, complex, and often frustrating for many rising WCHS seniors. It includes asking teachers for recommendations, writing long, personal essays, and taking several state and national tests many times in order to maximize scores. Senior year, much like any other schoo...

The good and bad of AP season: yearly review

Various WCHS students feel the stress of APs.

By Allison Jacobs and Andrew Chan, News Editor and Sports Editor

June 5, 2019

AP season marks the time from around mid-April to mid-May when preparation for AP exams goes into full swing, with teachers handing out review guide after review guide, and the cramming begins for many. AP season also means that stress is going to be a constant feeling when thinking about the classes...

New product provides the key to safety

The Comfort Key’s simple design and inconspicuous appearance lends to its ease of use in dangerous situations.

By Ohio Meshanko, Promotions Manager

June 5, 2019

For teens, especially young women, the threat of harassment on the street is a sad reality that many have to live with. Especially when alone, high school girls can be seen as easy targets by people with less than pure intentions. It is for this reason that many self-defense or protection products exist,...

Possible changes push to improve mental health at WCHS

Students in high schools around the country are opening up about how they are feeling and about their mental health to help those around them.

By Anna Kronthal, Opinions Editor

June 5, 2019

A high school teacher from San Francisco has gone viral after making a poster that allows students to indicate how they are feeling mentally with colorful post-it notes. This innovative type of mental check-in begs the question: would something like this be beneficial at WCHS? High-school teacher...

Getting to Know Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

Churchill is such a diverse community, celebrating all cultures.

By Victoria Park, Opinions Editor

June 5, 2019

With Asian Americans making up 25% of the WCHS student body, Asian Pacific American Heritage Month in May is an important time to celebrate the different cultures and ethnicities. Asian Pacific Americans play a large role in American history and continues to advance our country in many different ways....

AP classes provide challenge, give college credit

With AP exams coming up, students tend to stock up on review materials. AP classes provide students the opportunity to get college credits, but are often stressful and extremely challenging.

By Julia Lescht, Staff Writer

June 5, 2019

April: ‘tis the season to begin preparing for AP exams both in and out of the classroom. But, while many WCHS students participate in Advanced Placement (AP) courses throughout the school year, not all of them follow through with taking the corresponding exams. There are many reasons students decide...

Students Compete in E Sports

Many WCHS students compete in e sports everyday.

By Bryan Fletcher, Staff Writer

June 4, 2019

Given the recent increase in popularity of video game franchises like League of Legends, Super Smash Bros and Fortnite, it is not surprising that many gaming fans have found a way to add a competitive atmosphere to these otherwise light-hearted games. Competitive video games, often referred to colloquially as ‘E-...

SAT/ACT pushes students past their limits

Students are often stressed  out trying to study for standardized tests.

By Emily Zhang, News Editor

June 4, 2019

Attending countless tutoring sessions, spending a fortune on prep books, taking the SAT/ACT over and over again to get the best score possible—sound familiar? Students, especially at WCHS, put a lot of pressure on themselves to do well on standardized tests such as the SAT or ACT. However, tests s...

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