Landmark Music Festival raises awareness for Natinal Mall


photo coutesy of Ellie Lavery

Juniors Tyler Hirshon, Donna Dadkhoo, Ellie Lavery enjoy the Landmark Music Festival at the National Mall.

By Sarah O'brien, Productin Editor

This past weekend, D.C. lovers congregated in West Potomac Park for the Landmark Music Festival to raise money for the National Mall.

The National Mall is underfunded yet highly visited, so The Trust for the National Mall is attempting to restore and preserve the monuments that are deteriorating. This was the first year the festival has been around and it attempted to both raise money and awareness to the National Mall by bringing musical artists of all sorts.

“I liked the cause because I think it’s cool to fundraise and support the National Mall so they can continue to keep the famous monuments beautiful,” junior Donna Dadkhoo said.

The foundation brought some major headliners including Drake, The Strokes, Wale, George Ezra, Alt J, and roughly forty more artists who performed on five stages next to the Potomac River.

“Drake was a great time, but the Strokes put on an amazing performance,” senior Kate Vargo said. “Everyone in the crowd was really into it and the band was upbeat and happy.”

Many CHS students used this opportunity to meet up with college friend and friends from other schools.

“I went with a bunch of my friends, some of whom are in college and I haven’t been able to see them a lot,” Vargo said.

According to a Sept. Washington Post article, the advertisement for the cause and the festival were subpar.

However CHS students are in agreement that it was fairly obvious what the concert was trying to raise awareness for.

“They made it pretty clear because it said ‘Landmark Festival for the National Mall’ on signs, shirts and on the website,” Vargo said. “They even had a cool recycling program there where if you picked up a trash bag of recyclables, they gave you a free shirt.”

The Landmark Festival was met with favorable responses from CHS students who plan to attend the concert next year.

“All in all, I don’t have any complaints about the festival-the food was great and the music was awesome,” junior Ellie Lavery said.